Is black a warm or cool color

Cold colors - Warm colors - Lexicon

Color and its effect.

Effects of warm - cold - neutral colors:

Warm colours

Scarlet feverredorangeyellowyellow-green
Stimulating, stimulating emotions and eroticism.Life symbol for blood, energy, love and passion.Makes you happy, active, creative, optimistic; Homely effect.Symbol for light and sun; Activates mind, logic, alertness and happiness.Combines the colors of the sun and nature; Constructive and stimulating to learn
Emotions and sexuality stimulating.Stimulating, blood-forming effect.Reduces wrinkles, activates digestionbrain stimulatingBrain stimulating

Cold colors

Sea color; For clarity, freedom, intellectual openness and refreshment.Sky color; For peace, trust, beauty and longingFor balance and inner peaceColor of mysticism, magic art, penance, piety. Appetite suppressants.Mystically relaxing,
calms exuberant feelings.
Immune system, strengthening the skinBedroom-
Pulling together, tightening the skinNerves calming, pain relievingPromotes deep sleep

Neutral colors

Natural color;
For calm and harmony.
Promotes idealism, commitment, compassion.Neutral color;
For purity, innocence, peace.
Death color;
Inhibiting growth, holding back energy.
Natural antibioticBalancing emotionsAre not colors, but have an effect