What are dream boards

Would you like to find out where your dream board comes from? We are always happy to have visitors and are happy to tell you about our fascination for woodworking.

You can marvel at any cutting board from the shop in real life and, if you wish, even add an engraving.

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Every dream board is created in hours of manual labor.

We would be happy to take you behind the scenes of our manufactory and show you the process from buying wood to the finished cutting board.

The story begins, of course, in the forest. However, we leave the felling of the trees to the professionals.

We source the wood from various sawmills in the canton of Zurich and the surrounding area.

The trunks are cut open and dried for several years. Sometimes the wood is still steamed. In the case of beech, for example, water vapor is injected during the drying process to give it its typical reddish color.

So that the boards fit into our little wooden taxi, they are cut to roughly metric pieces with the chainsaw. This also makes it easier for us to process it later in the factory. Incidentally, this load consists of 450kg cherry and steamed beech, 100% from Switzerland!

After the wood has got used to the climate in the manufactory for a few days, you can start! With the planing machine, we first level the edges and then the surfaces. When dressing, first two sides of the board are brought into a right angle. This is followed by thicknessing, in which we provide the board with two parallel surfaces.

We separate the planed boards and glue the resulting "slats". The blank remains in the clamps for several hours so that waterproof and food-safe glue can dry.

We plane the blank again after gluing it. This time we don't saw lengthways, but across the grain. The resulting rows only have to be set up and you can already imagine a dream board!

A little creativity is required here, because there are almost innumerable ways to arrange the tree rings.

As soon as the arrangement of the individual rows has been determined, the board comes into the clamps for the second time. By the way: The wood glue we use is much stronger than the wood itself! So you never have to worry about the stability of your dream board :)

24 hours later, we first roughly grind the surfaces, and then saw the dream board to size on the table saw. With this order, bevelled edges were also requested to make lifting easier.

Now it's time to sand! Since end grain is very hard, this step takes a long time. Sometimes we need a full hour just to sand the sides and the two surfaces. During the process we use sandpaper with up to 5 different grits.

After the first sanding passes, we round off the edges with the router. This not only takes the feel of your dream board to the next level, but also looks great;)

By the way: We carry out all of these steps on an extraction table. Hence the many holes.

After the rounding, we sand over the edges with a very fine grain. We use a damp cloth to set up the wood fibers before we sand down your dream board for the last time. The corners and edges are all sanded by hand for a super fine result!

On request, we can also mill a juice groove in your dream board. This is also done with the router, but with a different cutter. So you are prepared for every barbecue!

We grind the juice groove again by hand before going to the laser machine. We provide every dream board with the "trees to dreams" logo.

A guarantee for the best workmanship, 100% Swiss wood and lifelong service!

So, your dream board is ready!


After several hours in the factory, a real all-rounder has emerged from the raw board. Be it for slicing the Sunday roast, for serving the appetizers or for rolling out homemade pasta dough.


We look forward to your order :)