What is mathematical beauty

MIN Faculty video seriesThe beauty of math

December 2, 2020, by Christine Neumann

Photo: UHH / MIN / Ranokel

In one episode, Prof. Dr. Reiner Lauterbach, how the mathematical argumentation feels to him

For them, mathematics is a language or has a harmonious sound: in a series of videos, mathematicians from the University of Hamburg tell what fascinates them about their subject, how mathematics feels to them and what they find particularly beautiful about it.

Most people think of math in terms of formulas, definitions, derivations, and reasoning. Many people are surprised that this can also be “beautiful” and associated with emotions. But if you ask mathematicians, many will go into raptures and answer in unison: Mathematics is beautiful and aesthetic!

In the current winter semester, six professors from the department report on their personal relationship with mathematics and their fascination with the subject. The drawn and animated videos make it clear that their relationship with mathematics is very individual and that the beauty of mathematics has many different facets.

There is a new video every month. On the project page, you can see all the videos that have already been published.