If the M16 is a 3-round burst

Warzone Season 3 - You should avoid these loadouts!

With every major Warzone update, the meta changes fundamentally. It can be exhausting to always adapt your own loadouts. A few weapons should certainly no longer appear in your loadouts.


After the big Season 3 nerf of the metaweapons, the FFAR is still a decent weapon. Still, there are better options for the same purpose: try the Bullfrog and MAC-10 for short distances.

The Cold War-AUG

Like the FFAR, the AUG from Cold War was an important target of the Season 3 patch. You should switch to the M16 through the Nerf if you still really want to play a burst tactical rifle. Ideally, however, you switch to the CR-56 AMAX or the Krig 6 for longer distances.

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The Modern Warfare AUG

A while back, Modern Warfare's AUG was the best weapon in Warzone. For this you had to equip the ammunition conversion to 5.56mm bullets and you already had an extremely powerful assault rifle. Since the nerf of the attachment, the weapon in every variation is significantly worse than most other MPs.

Actually all LMGs

The picture of the Bruen here is representative of all LMGs. If you are not a camper who spends half of the lap in a building and aims at the same corner, LMGs are currently just too slow. Your opponents are running around with assault rifles and MPs and have shot you halfway through your life before you can even aim.

The Groza

Before season 3, the Groza was an insider tip for short and medium distances. Nevertheless, the Groza also got a nerf that shoots them completely out of the meta. As with the FFAR, it makes sense to switch to the best Cold War MPs.

The Swiss K31

The sniper rifle from the Season 3 Battlepass looks nice, but is absolutely unsuitable for Warzone. The Kar 98 is the better weapon in every way and serves exactly the same purpose. The K31 only makes sense if you need a little variety.

The PPSh-41

Weapon number two from the Battlepass has no place in your loadouts either. While the PPSh is a decent option as a groundloot, there are much better weapons for your own equipment. Neither handling nor damage are a unique selling point here.

The R9-0

While the R9-0 was still a dreaded variant in close combat a few season ago due to its dragon breath ammunition, even a gray street sweeper from the ground is now a better choice. It is therefore very likely that the newer shotgun will also be heavily nerfed.

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Image source: Activision