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Usage examples for "Provided That" in German

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Germanprovided, that ... volume_upmore_vert
Germanprovidedthat paid volume_upmore_vert
There are opportunities for action provided, that Europe is ready to act
GermanProvided, that all i said ... volume_upmore_vert
I am in favor of such a framework directive provided, that some conditions are met. volume_upmore_vert
GermanProvided, that If there is equality between the two European Capitals of Culture, I welcome the initiative and the report.volume_upmore_vert
I am ready to give the guarantee fund a more positive provided, that two important conditions to be observed: volume_upmore_vert
EnglishAlways provided, that the scientists examined the stocks in the correct areas
An open Europe will be fairer, more prosperous, stronger, younger - provided, that You're doing the migration well
An internal market can work extremely well with tax competition, provided, that this takes place under fair conditions
In the context of globalization, we can play an important role provided, that Europe is strong. Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishSuccess is possible provided, that first the security committee is created
EnglishThere is certainly a praiseworthy goal provided, that the interest of the consumer is taken into account accordingly
GermanProvided, that the walls haven't got any legs now ... and have moved. volume_upmore_vert
Germanprovided, that such interest, other income and payments continue to be subject to these provisions; volume_upmore_vert
Europe definitely has the means to provided, that it has the political will and financial resources
A European policy on illegal immigration is necessary provided, that Member States no longer act single-handedly
However, we can consider measures such as a CO2 tax, provided, that this happens across Europe. volume_upmore_vert
Our group is positive about the third option, provided, that it is not subordinated to the realization of the second option, volume_upmore_vert
It follows that the two paths are absolutely defensible, provided, that in both cases the basic goal of preservation is obwaltet.volume_upmore_vert
Promoting the sale of a product is an excellent thing provided, that this product is available volume_upmore_vert
We fundamentally welcome the enlargement of the European Union, provided, that this corresponds to the desire of the peoples in the acceding countries
EnglishIt be provided, that the interest rate (7.5%) and the number of years (1) cannot be changed
However, it was assumed - and I would like to underline provided, that other industrialized countries also assume the same or corresponding obligations
I am pleased to note that the negotiations are to be carried out more quickly for all candidate countries, provided, that they are making sufficient progress
In this way, investments can be promoted through intensification, provided, that Quality and the environment cannot be sacrificed for quantity
EnglishWe recognize that it makes sense to explore innovative sources of funding provided, that they do not impose an undue burden on developing countries
Systems of reuse have proven to be good for the environment, providedthat a minimum number of reuse cycles is achieved and the transport routes are not too long
Firstly, my group has always supported the idea that the institutions must have the necessary human resources to provided, that this need is real. volume_upmore_vert
The institutional triangle remains indispensable for the implementation of the Union's policy provided, that each of its elements adapts to the new requirements
GermanProvided, that it is considered normal that the right to work for a fair wage is not recognized and applied as a fundamental right
EnglishThat is very nice provided, that it's not an excuse for passivity and we don't wait for the technology to be set by others; volume_upmore_vert
As you yourself pointed out, Mrs Kauppi, the Commission has an open position on this matter, provided, that the competition rules are respected
December 2010 visa waiver, provided, that the following conditions are cumulatively fulfilled: volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThis principle can certainly be shared providedthat it can also be extended to other Alpine regions, in particular to the valley bordering the Brenner Pass
The Council could come to a conclusion in the sense that you want, provided, that a proposal from the Commission to this effect is received. volume_upmore_vert
The other big thing, besides having this fantastic institute to speed up this process, is guidance, and of course it is provided, that Medicine goes digital.volume_upmore_vert
I personally acknowledge that there must be freedom so that each individual can choose what to do, provided, that it doesn't bother the others
The Commission can also accept Amendment No 5, provided, that a precise deadline is given within which the report is to be submitted
I think Mr Duhamel, Mr Martinez will explain to us the reason for the existence of these weapons, provided, that it is a fact volume_upmore_vert
However, we have provided, that the basis of Russian society is strong enough to create this free market economy and get it going
Germand), we recognize that it makes sense to develop innovative sources of funding, provided, that they do not impose an undue burden on developing countries
Englishb) are necessary for extraordinary expenses, provided, that this finding was communicated to the committee by the states concerned and approved by the committee, or volume_upmore_vert
It just means that it is freely available for everyone to use, provided, that this is even permissible under general national laws