Did God also marry the goddess

Aphrodite and Apollon

Aphrodite was the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, sensual desire, sexuality and procreation.
Apollo is as God of spring, of light, of healing, of moral purity and moderation, as well as of divination, the arts and the archers.

Aphrodite was said to be so beautiful that all men - including the gods - coveted her very much. This aroused both envy and fear in women and goddesses. Even Hera, the supreme goddess of the Greek gods and wife of Zeus, mistrusted her and convinced the gods father to immediately marry Aphrodite for the sake of peace. All the gods appeared as suitors, presented themselves from their best side and tried to lure Aphrodite with the most beautiful gifts.

Apollo, for example, promised her a throne and a crown made of the hottest solar gold, as well as a golden chariot pulled by white swans and the muses as maids. But Aphrodite spoke to no one, just smiled at all applicants. It got too colorful for Hera: She pulled Hephaestus, the lame god of blacksmithing, came out from the back of his seat and ordered him to speak. He shamefully said that he was a good husband to a girl like Aphrodite because he worked late into the night. Again Aphrodite only smiled, but lifted the soot-smeared chin of the little blacksmith and kissed him on the mouth. They married that same night and at the wedding reception Aphrodite finally began to speak. She whispered to each of her suitors and told each of them a time when he could visit her with his presents.

Aphrodite will also die "Foam-born" called because it is said to have emerged from the sea on the shore of the island of Cyprus. According to the old idea, it ensures that people fall in love with one another, love one another, develop the desire for children and are fertile.

Apollon, Artemis' twin brother, is also said to be very beautiful. One of the most important tasks of this athletic hero was the protection of the Oracle of Delphi - the center of prophecies in ancient Greece. He was also worshiped as a sun god, as he crossed the heavens with his chariot every day, moving the sun from east to west. Apollon is considered to be the inventor of the Greek harp and the lyre, as well as the god of medicine and the purification of the body.