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Comedian, journalist and doctor on tour: "Failure with joy"

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DÄ: “Mr. Hirschhausen, you are currently working as a comedian and journalist. Do you still have doctor's airs from old days?
Hirschhausen: “I can't get rid of this typical diagnostic look, this close look. This observation of people is also the basis of the comedy. "
DÄ: "Why don't you want to work as a doctor anymore?"
Hirschhausen: “I only turned my back on the hospital, not on medicine. I seriously think that I am still working as a doctor in the broader sense. People go home relaxed and with a few more unusual ideas about their bodies and their lives after my show. That is preventive! There was little room in the hospitals for creative ideas. Only little experienced doctors take time for the younger generation. "
DÄ: “You have been on stage 2000 times. How does it feel when people laugh at you? "
Hirschhausen: “A very nice one. It's a little miracle every time. I try to get the audience to laugh not only at me, but also with me and at themselves. A dialogue. Everyone has this creative, divine spark. "
DÄ: "How would you characterize your audience?"
Hirschhausen: “They are people between 25 and 80 years of age. Fortunately, the subject of health, dealing with oneself and one's body concerns everyone. "
DÄ: "What is it about stand-up comedy that fascinates you?"
Hirschhausen: "The unsophisticated and immediate in a stand-up comedy show inspires me very much."
DÄ: "Why is your show not political?"
Hirschhausen: “What is not yet can still be done. I want to work on it in the next program. "
DÄ: "Describe yourself in one sentence!"
Hirschhausen: “A curious lateral head who accumulates a lot of knowledge and thus happily fails in everyday life. Also to the delight of others. "
DÄ questions: Susanne Lenze
Comedian, journalist and doctor on tour: "Failure with joy"

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