Which Android widgets do you use often?

Android widgets - useful helpers for your home screen

With widgets you can design your start screen individually according to your own wishes. Here we show you how to add Android widgets to the start screen.

Android widgets not only adapt your homescreen to your individual user needs, they also increase ease of use at the same time. In this way, you can access frequently used content directly without having to open the corresponding app. This includes the Google search bar, a weather indicator, a link to the people you have contacted most and many other useful features for all possible areas of application.

How to add a widget to your home screen

  1. Hold your finger down on an open area on the home screen.
  2. A bar with further options now appears at the bottom. Tap here Widgets.
  3. You will now see an overview of the various widget categories. Depending on which additional apps you have installed, these can differ. Swipe right and left to view the different categories or use the search function above to search for a specific widget.
  4. For some categories there are different options for how the widget should be displayed or which functions it should have. This is marked with a small number in the upper right corner. Tap a category to open its options.
  5. Once you have decided on a widget, press and hold it.
  6. Now slide it to the desired location on your start screen and let it go. If a blue frame with dots appears around the widget, you can adjust the size individually. To do this, drag the dots until the widget has reached the right size and then tap an empty space on your home screen.

You can find numerous other free widgets to download in the App Store.

Move and delete Android widgets

To move a widget to another location, press and hold it again and drag it to another location. If the background is colored slightly red, there is not enough space at this point. In this case, some widgets automatically adapt to the required size. If you want to add several widgets to your start screen, but you don't have enough space, slide it to the right until a new page opens. If you want to completely delete a widget from your home screen, tap it and then tap Remove from start.