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Skoda Kodiaq colors & prices: which paint should it be?

The Skoda Kodiaq is so popular that the Czechs can no longer keep up with the production of the SUV. Delivery times of up to a year are no longer uncommon. The good thing about it? There is plenty of time to think about the right color for the Kodiaq. To help you choose your color, we've put together an overview of the Kodiaq colors.

If you already know which paintwork it should be, or you simply don't care about the color, you can get a Skoda Kodiaq offer or find out more with our Skoda Kodiaq test report.

Solid colors

Energy blue

Skoda apparently finds its SUVs particularly attractive in the color blue. After all, a shade of blue is not only the only color option free of charge for the small SUV Bruder Karoq, but also here for the Kodiaq. The comparatively light shade of the energy blue shouldn't hide the dirt quite as well, however.

Candy white

Candy white is one of two solid colors available for the Kodiaq. With this paint, the SUV should enjoy great popularity with used car buyers, which is why reselling should be easy. Unfortunately, the dirt with the white Kodiaq will also have an easy time.

Steel gray

With a steel gray paint finish, you get an exciting color at a low surcharge. The fashionable gray makes the Kodiaq look pretty young and sporty. Provided you like the flat and one-dimensional uni look. Otherwise you have quickly seen your fill and are bothered by how well the dirt comes into its own on the plain paint.

Metallic paintwork

Magnetic brown

You don't have to worry about the visibility of dirt on the paintwork with the Magnetic Brown. This shade of brown hides all dirt, but should not be to everyone's taste, which could be noticeable when reselling the Kodiaq.

Empire gray

The mere fact that Empire gray is one of three shades of gray available for Kodiaq shows how popular gray is with German car buyers. The resale value should therefore be quite high. However, you should be able to see dirt quite well on the paintwork.

Emerald green

A paint finish in emerald green gives the Kodiaq real off-road character. We really like the beautiful dark deep green! Even those who normally avoid green cars can take advantage of this. In addition, the paint is extremely easy to care for. Judging by the color, it will also have a decent resale value.

Brilliant silver

If you order the Kodiaq in brilliant silver, then you should also get a subscription to a car wash, because soiling will be easy to see on the light gray tone. This unobtrusive color should be well received by potential buyers when reselling.

Brilliant silver580 euros580 euros580 euros0 euros
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Quartz gray

This dark gray shade conceals dirt much more effectively than the lighter ones and should be very popular with used car buyers. This finish makes the Kodiaq pretty serious, calm and yet classy.

Lava blue

Thanks to the metallic paintwork, the lava blue shines much more intensely than the free plain color Pacific blue and is one of the more conspicuous options for painting a Kodiaq. But that could also put off one or the other used car buyer who prefers to use unobtrusive paintwork.

Moon white

White vehicles always keep the car owner on their toes when it comes to keeping the tin clothing clean. However, you will not have to worry about reselling, because the color white is constantly increasing in popularity.

Race blue

Another option for the other shades of blue is the race blue finish. According to the name, the Kodiaq looks quite sporty and dynamic. In addition, the paint looks much higher quality than, for example, the inexpensive energy blue. However, the need for care is almost the same.