What was your favorite childhood job

1.) What was the name of your first friend or Spielkammerrad / in? Are you still in contact with him / her today?

Michaela (see above right). Rather not.

2.) What was your favorite toy or what did you play with the most?

Plastic people, mostly made in China.

I was too young to be interested in Barbie and her playmates ...

3.) What was your favorite fairy tale?

Fairy tales in the conventional sense? I didn't really care.

4.) Can you still remember your favorite children's book?

I was a spoiled only child, with so much pluralism I can't choose e-i-n book.

5.) Which nursery rhyme was your favorite?

Uh ... So the songs in Mary Poppins, Jungle Book or Alice in Wonderland, for example, have rocked a lot.

6.) What were your favorite children's programs?

That has changed from year to year. Sesame Street, Hallo Spencer, Muppet Show, Fraggles ... and almost everything there was in the way of animation back then (and there wasn't that much back then in Germany)

7.) Were there any radio plays that you particularly liked?

Bibi Blocksberg!!! * rave *

8.) Did you have a pet as a child?

My mom had a dog, but I didn't think it was that great.

9.) Have you visited a group (children's choir, youth group, etc.)?

God forbid!

10.) Did you go into children's gymnastics or did you do any other sport?

Mother-and-child gymnastics, after that ... not really, unless I had to.

11.) What career aspirations did you have as a child?

That has changed all the time, and it was often related to my Playmobil "set of the week". Construction worker, surgeon, ...

But most persistently I wanted to become Federal Chancellor & Zoo Director (both at once, of course). Now I'm studying cultural studies. It's almost the same in the end.