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My first semester as a law student at the Juridicum in Vienna.

It is probably the same phrase that law students get to hear over and over again: “You are studying law? Isn't that very dry? " But the only true answer to this question is that jus is actually anything but dry. Rather, law rushes over you like a tidal wave while you don't even know how to swim.

I, Antonia, have been studying law at the Juridicum - the building with probably the ugliest floor in Vienna - since October 2018. So I am currently in the third semester, so my first semester was not that long ago, and in the following I would like to share my experiences that I made as a first year with you.


My law degree: First things first.

Let's start with my first day as a law student. Perfectionist and well-planned as I am, of course I was at the main university 30 minutes before the very first lecture of my life in order to secure a good place in the Audimax. Well, you thought wrong. Although there was half an hour earlier, everything was full. Fortunately, I had made an acquaintance in the summer with whom I had arranged to go to the first lecture together. So I wasn't all alone. Thanks to the large number of motivated first-semester students, my acquaintance and I had to find a place in the hall next door and the associated space Live stream of the introductory event content. Hardly started, already the first connection problems. Really great. At that moment, my acquaintance leaned over to me and asked if I had read the scripts from the introductory event. Of course I didn't. Then she replied with a frown that she had already worked through and marked all the scripts. Long story short: I never saw her again. We'd never got along so well anyway.

My first tip: Don't surround yourself with people who are constantly trying to compete with you. It will be really exhausting in the long run. It's good to be determined and motivated, but don't feel bad if you're a little behind. Each of us has our own pace.



What has to be, has to be: punctuality and discipline.

New day, new luck: My first visit to an exercise. This time I had learned from my mistakes and was there 45 minutes earlier and lo and behold: I got a great seat! So always be at your classes early enough not to have to sit on the floor. Of course, this will not always be the case, after a few weeks the onslaught of masses will subside. The initial idea of ​​ongoing reworking of the exercise and the lecture unfortunately bore little fruit. As a result, I received a “not enough” on the first exam. That meant that I had to do pretty well on the second exam, which was extremely stressful for me.

My tip to you to spare you the stress I was confronted with: Don't be lazy from the start! Many students underestimate the amount of material. And even if you are not happy to prepare or rework all the material because the exam is still several light years away - do it anyway. Find a focused and suitable learning environment for you, sit down and just get started without thinking too much about how little you want to be.


The internet, your friend and helper.

In keeping with the theme of the organization, I would like to recommend the homepage of the Juridicum's student representatives. On the side of the AG Jus, not only old test information is to be found written module exams and examiner-specific questionnaires for the oral exams, but also topics like "Elective Baskets" and "Exam registration" are dealt with in great detail. You can also check the AG's website to see which examiner is taking your oral module examination.



To slowly come to an end, a little conclusion about my first semester as a law student: Studying, especially law, is stressful, nerve-wracking and there are always setbacks that you have to cope with. But it's all worth it. In my case, I have found the study of my dreams and I can't wait to prove my skills one day as a lawyer or in another legal profession. Always stay yourself and don't have to do more than you can really do. That may sound tough, but even if you take only small steps, you get closer and closer to your goal. It goes without saying that everyone would like to complete their studies in a minimum period of four years. But in the end the duration of your studies is irrelevant and says nothing about not, your hard work or your intelligence! You can find even more insights into my life as a law student on my Instagram account jusuccess.

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