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IBM Watson and Chatbots: The Revolution for Business Processes

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Chatbots not only meet the needs of customers for availability and quick responses. For reasons of cost and time, they are also an attractive investment for companies. It is not for nothing that Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Satya Nadella (Microsoft) have already predicted: Chatbots will take digitization to the next level. The IBM Watson Assistant is such software that companies can use to set up chatbots for a wide variety of areas.

Three advantages of chatbots for business owners

IBM Watson - digital assistant

Chatbots - i.e. applications that use artificial intelligence to converse with people in natural language - are not just a technical innovation, they have three significant advantages for companies:

1. You minimize customer service costs by up to 80 percent: Inquiries can be answered automatically. With each new request, the software expands its knowledge base and intelligence. This makes answers more efficient and the employees' valuable working time can be used for optimizations in other business areas.

2. Customer service is becoming scalable: an average of 70 percent of all inquiries from customers are recurring and can therefore be answered by chatbots. For the remaining 30 percent, which are more complex, employees can take the appropriate time and also process these inquiries satisfactorily for the customers.

3. Full-time service: Nowadays customers expect unrestricted availability. Chatbots make this possible - across all communication channels. Customers sometimes get a response within seconds.

IBM Watson Assistant - the intelligent communication assistant from SHD

Watson - The digital worker

Chatbot software is the future. SHD sees it that way too. Watson Assistant is the industry-leading conversational AI technology that powers chatbots. With the Watson Assistant, companies can integrate chatbots in a wide variety of areas, for example for product recommendations. Here chatbots can suggest individually suitable products to users. There can also be weather chatbots that can display personalized weather-related news content and current forecasts or severe weather reports. In customer service, chatbots improve service quality by making it easier to evaluate customer dialogues. In this way, they can respond more precisely to the wishes of the conversation partner, for example by blocking a lost credit card or resetting a password. Chatbots can also be used for internal processes: Chatbots can pick up and answer questions about travel expenses, for example. Another possible use is the concierge service. Chatbots support you in booking tours, hotel, theater or restaurant reservations.

In addition, many other possible uses are conceivable with the Watson Assistant: in the service IT desk, in online marketing or in the automotive industry. Chatbots powered by Watson Assistant also support text input, audio input, or even both.

More than just chatbots: Watson Assistant as part of an overall strategy

Thomas Wittek, SHD, Head of OE Innovation & Development

The Watson Assistant can be used in isolation, but also in combination with other Watson services: voice input and output expand the chatbot and Watson Discovery makes it intelligent. The Watson Assistant is therefore linked to a comprehensive digital strategy. As one of the market-leading companies in the areas of process digitization and IT infrastructure, the support and managed services associated with these topics are one of SHD's strengths.

SHD GmbH is a manufacturer-independent consulting, solution and service company for information technology and digital business processes. The company with its headquarters in Dresden is present in northern and eastern Germany and has offices in Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Spremberg.

In the field of digitization, SHD is an IBM partner for innovation and progressive thinking. The company continues to develop process platforms and chatbots, among other things.
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