What are the conditions for spiritual growth

... Treat yourself to a spiritual break in 2020! " 1. WITHDRAWAL: Leave your daily obligations, your work, your everyday worries behind you for a while - “I'M TURNING OFF THE RIGHT!” 2. CALM: Shift 2 gears down in life and take off the gas. No one creates more expectations of you - “THIS TIME IS ONLY ME ALONE!” 3. FOCUS: Forget what was, what is and what will be and focus only on one single topic - “MY SPIRITUALITY IS NOW THE NO. 1! ”4. BELONGING: Gone are the days when you were not understood or even smiled at because of your soul's longing - “I FEEL AT HOME!” 5. ENERGY: Turn your back on the hustle and bustle, the noise and the stench of the city - “A DREAM LANDSCAPE ENERGIZES ME!” 6. CAREFULNESS: Get out of the monotonous, robotic functioning that dominates your daily way of life - “I EXPERIENCE CONSCIOUS MOMENTS!” 7. CLARITY: Uncover the veil of ignorance that keeps you from realizing what your soul needs - “MY SPIRITUALITY REVEALS ITSELF TO ME!” 8. INSPIRATION: Throw your reservations and fears overboard and open yourself to the possibility of being inspired from outside and inside - “I OPEN!” 9. PRACTICE: Acting well and good, your body, your family, your employer, your bank account will thank you for it. - “I TRIED SPIRITUAL PRACTICES NOW!” 10. FULFILLMENT: Nourishment for your body is food, nourishment for your mind is knowledge, nourishment for your heart is feelings and for all 3 areas you will find an oversupply in the world. But your soul is starving - “I QUALIFY MY SPIRITUAL HUNGER; WHAT FILLS MY SOUL! "
The 10 pluses of a spiritual break
The 3 Big Hooks on a spiritual break
Has it ever rang at your door and when you opened it, Jehovah's Witnesses stood in front of you? That happened to me again. They are all very friendly people. But everyone knows that they only go from house to house for one reason ... namely to convert people!
Unfortunately, it is mostly the case that behind “Spiritual Retreats” there is often a certain religion, spiritual group or, if you are unlucky, even a sect ... as I experienced firsthand many years ago. (So ​​believe me, I know how things go here ...) Most of the “Spiritual Retreats” that are offered are attended by staunch followers and serve the purpose of attracting new prospects and members. But you are allowed to me too believe that “Spiritual Retreats” are unique and invaluable because they provide the best framework for Spiritual Growth & Realization. Is there a solution to this problem? (Just a moment, I'll get to that in a moment ...)
Do you know sentences that begin with: "Only through ... can you return to God!" Believing that there is ONLY ONE WAY back to God is a common phenomenon in spiritual and religious circles. You can guess 3 times ... of course, the path is always THE RIGHT ONE ... which the person in question is walking ... who now wants to convince you ... ... that this is "The Only Right Path" for you too ! Dogma is a statement called the truth of which is irrefutable. This is why such an approach is also known as dogmatism. (I raise my hand and plead guilty, because I was also subject to this error at the time.) Today, however, I know that what is good for me does not have to be good for you and what is good for you must be not necessarily be good for me, so where do you learn about individually tailored Spiritual Paths?
Do you have any doubts about the importance and importance of spirituality? Do you sometimes ask yourself whether your longing for the soul is still normal? Are you afraid of running after a beautiful illusion that may later turn out to be a delusion? Well, how do you find answers to all of these questions ... just by thinking about it ... discussing it or ...... by embarking on the adventure to let the experience be your teacher?
1. A spiritual retreat would be ... without conversion attempts ... for a certain direction or religion ... but free and open to all? There would be an aid to knowledge ... with which you could illuminate your individual spiritual path ... as well as discovering the meaning of your strokes of fate and the blockages ... that are slowing you down? 3. There would be an exclusive opportunity in 2020 ... for a spiritual break ... where you ... get a direct picture of the enormous importance of spirituality based on practical experience and knowledge?
How about a spiritual break under the above circumstances?
Well ... how does that sound to your ears ... when you pack your suitcases ... fly south into the sun ... to finally treat yourself to something good again ... to finally escape from everyday life again ... . Maybe for the first time in your life to focus and intensively deal with the satisfaction of your soul's longing?
How do you feel when you imagine ... with people ... who understand you ... to spend the day ... because you live together in a holiday home ... exchange ideas with them “live” ... that is, face to face ... about the topics ... about which you cannot talk to your family or friends ... to go on a journey to your soul together?
WOW! What triggers it to finally find answers to your tormenting questions ... like: What is the common thread running through my fate? Which spiritual path or which practice suits me best? What is the meaning of life anyway? How is creation structured? Is there a BIG PLAN? What is blocking me on my way and how can I overcome these hurdles?
Get a taste for it ... with small meditation units ... which prepare the ground for a calm mind ... which is then much better able ... to absorb knowledge and to recognize wisdom ... this is how we prepare ourselves each theoretical part with a short meditation together ... You will be amazed yourself ... what kind of energy this creates in the room ... By the way, I can calm you down right away ... because if you have 15 minutes ... with closed -those eyes ... can sit on a chair ... you can already meditate successfully with it!
Now listen to the voices of PREVIOUS participants ... ... who took a spiritual break in 2018:
O D E R S I E WÄ H L E N. . .
"YOUR SPIRITUAL TIME-OUT IN 2020 - ON THE SUNNY ISLAND OF CYPRUS" consists of the following 4 elements:
5 days x 4 hours = 20 hours based on seminar A: “Your Spiritual Guide - The Vedic Horoscope” or seminar B: “Master your fate - using your stars” +100 pages of written seminar documents to take with you
3 x 15 minutes on 5 days Before each part of the knowledge, we tune in together ... with a short and easy meditation that is really feasible for everyone.
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