The Xbox dies

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    My Xbox is dying ...


    For some time now, my Xbox 360 S has been doing more and more strange things that also overwhelm me. Maybe someone can tell me if they have similar problems.

    If I connect one of my wireless headsets (both old versions without Bluetooth function), or if one of them has a short connection break (no, the connection break is not the problem, that is already "normal" with the headset), it can happen that the picture freezes for three seconds. It really sucks at online games like Gears or Forza ...

    Lately I've had complete freezes every now and then. Then of course only the reboot helps. When booting immediately after a freeze, half of the screen area is missing while the Xbox logo appears. So there are graphic errors. : /

    After logging on to Xbox LIVE you usually get the two toasts that "xXOoE1it3SniperKi113roOXx has logged on to Xbox LIVE" and that "1337 friends are online". Sometimes these toasts are completely absent from me.

    When I join a party, I see the gamertag of the host of the party for all slots. The other gamertags are only gradually displayed.
    Shouldn't that be fixed with the last dashboard update?

    So # 1 and # 2 sound like GPU to me, # 3 actually more like firmware. Has anyone noticed anything like this before? If not, you could pay attention to # 3 in the next few days.

    The guarantee expires at the beginning of October. So I still have the chance to send them in, but to be honest, I'm really not in the mood for a new mainboard. Because that would mean transferring the license again. -.- '
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    # 1 is the same for me, extremely annoying. Rest is not with me! Luckily.

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