Can be rated 200 in T20

FERRONORM Power-Fast universal screw TX countersunk head T20 galvanized 4x40 mm 200 pcs.

Item details

  • diameter 4 mm
  • length 40 mm
  • Surface / color Galvanized
  • content 200 pieces
  • scope of application Wood, terrace wood
  • Area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication Inside, damp room
  • Suitable for Timber construction
  • material steel
  • Note Safety thanks to building authority approval, extremely quick bite of the thread, without pre-bores, takes effect immediately, durability thanks to the new steel quality, no unscrewing the screw buttons
  • Head shape Countersunk head
  • drive TX
  • Size specification for the drive T 20
  • Thread type Partial thread, milling groove
  • Thread type Wood thread
  • Item type screw
  • execution Universal screw
  • EAN 7610106347201


Ferronorm Power-Fast combines everything that was already good about screws. And improves a lot - as it should be for an innovative product. Test the new Ferronorm Power-Fast screws and see for yourself. The new Ferronorm Power-Fast range sets standards in wood processing. Equipped with previously unique technical properties. The Ferronorm Power-Fast chipboard screw is the ideal one
Screw for wood-wood connections. The unique Power-Fast
Thread technology gives the screw an excellent

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