How do you write

“You” or “you” - Are you spelling the personal salutation correctly?

Perhaps it was the same with you: I was reluctant to write the you in lower case in letters. With the reform of the spelling reform, this rule has now been withdrawn.

That means: from now on both spellings allowed. You can capitalize "you" and "your" in your letters again in all forms:

  • "How are you / you?"
  • "What is your / your job doing?"
  • "How is your boss?"
  • "I will send you your documents."

We gues: When in doubt, capitalize on you.

In doing so, you show that you value a person and do not step on the feet of someone who may not even know the new rule and who think a little you is rude.

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When addressing people you are talking to, write “You” and “you” are still big:

  • "I tried to contact you yesterday."
  • "Your presentation was a complete success!"

"On the occasion" sounds way too much like official German. You want to arouse anticipation. But that doesn't work with sober office vocabulary.

"Would ... you like to invite“- a well-known bloom of style. Do you just want to or do you too?

"Husbands"- even if" the Chancellor's husband "is still mentioned in many newspapers, that does not mean that it is up-to-date and recommendable.

And: "husband" comes from "copulate" ...

Better this way:

Proposal 1

Dear Dr. Meier,

we will be 75 years old. We cordially invite you and your partner to this anniversary.

We would be happy if you both had the time and inclination to be there.

Suggestion 2

We're popping the corks

Dear Mrs. Hubschmidt,

we would be very happy if you toast with us on August 12th.

We celebrate the ...

Suggestion 3

We say goodbye

Dear Mr. Weiler,

Dr. Ralf Mertens will retire on June 30, 2006. Shall we let him go without a sound? We will celebrate him again with a celebration.
Are you in? He'll be very happy when you say goodbye too.

Suggestion 4

You are cordially invited,

Dear Dr. Mertens,

to celebrate the inauguration of our new office building with us on July 8th, 2006.

Suggestion 5

10 years are a reason to celebrate

Dear Mrs. Gerdes, dear Mr. Gerdes,

and we definitely don't want to do that without you. So you are cordially invited to pop the corks with us on July 5th, 2006.

Suggestion 6

You are part of it

Mrs. Huber,

when we celebrate our 25th anniversary on June 15th. And bring your husband with you, he has often had to go without you because of us.

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