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Chapman makes the speedometer glow

Left-hander Aroldis Chapman has thrown the five fastest pitches against the Baltimore Orioles since data collection began in the MLB. The Closer of the New York Yankees threw harder than ever and secured his team a victory on top of that.

The Yankees won 2-1 against their AL East opponents, but the story of the evening was the Cuban whose fastest pitch, according to MLB Advanced Media's Statcast, was 105.1 miles per hour - a ball against J.J. Hardy. In total, Chapman threw five pitches that reached at least 104 MPH.

"I noticed," said Chapman, who spoke via the interpreter: "I looked briefly in the direction of the scoreboard and saw 105. I actually noticed the reaction of the audience when I had thrown the ball. I looked through the riot in the stands I got behind me and saw it. That was nice. "

The second fastest - with 104.9 MPH - finally broke Ryan Flaherty the racket and even ended the game with the subsequent groundout.

"It is impressive"

"Whenever he pitches, I take a little cover in the dugout," said Yankees manager Joe Girardi: "With some hard-throwing pitchers, you always get a little nervous. But when you look at him like that ... his arm is like that fast. I don't think I've ever seen an arm that fast. It's impressive. "

And catcher Brian McCann was also impressed: "I look at the scoreboard every time he pitches. I look every time how hard the pitch was. It's unbelievable what he can do on the mound. You just hope you do Then catch the ball properly. If you catch it correctly, everything is fine. If not, then you are in trouble. "

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