What are some funny babysitting stories

Daycare center, kindergarten, childminder or at home with mom or dad? How is it organized with you with the care of your child or your children? And do you have a babysitter if you want to have time for yourself or if you have to go somewhere at short notice?

Care by your own family

K is now almost one and a half years old and still at home with me. Or me with her. How you want to see it. My husband and I have decided against external care in the first two years of life. I've been going to work for a few hours twice a week since she was about 5 months old. During this time, K is looked after by her grandmothers. This is really great, not just for our mothers' relationship with their grandchildren and vice versa. But simply because we have the luxury that we don't have to leave her in the hands of someone else and that she can be with people she knows well at home in her familiar environment. Some people would like to start a discussion at this point and tell me that K has to be around people and should be independent and independent of me. But I am of the opinion that she doesn't have to do that yet! She is still small! And she still has so much time and I am glad that we have the opportunity and that our families can support us.

Do we need a babysitter?

If we want to go out to dinner or partying in the evening, then it becomes a bit more difficult to find someone who has the time. How about if we need a real babysitter? When none of the family has time to take care of K ?! How do you even find someone to trust with your own child? And what if something happens then? How much do you have to pay? And what about the tax?

The babysitting primer

Today there is no new recipe for a change, but a book presentation to read that deals with exactly this topic. The babysitting.

The babysitting primer - a guide for babysitters and their clients

Brand new at Steffen Verlag is the advice booklet The Babysitter Primer: Everything Parents & Babysitters need to know* published by Barbara Sommerer. Questions and answers on the subject of child care are taken up and answered.

Barbara Sommerer herself is the mother of two children and a grandmother, but also an "emergency" babysitter in her daughter's childcare agency and gives us readers tips, regardless of whether we read it as parents or as a babysitter.

From working hours and applications to no-go's and insurance

Loosely and peppered with funny anecdotes from her babysitting jobs, she writes informatively and comprehensively on topics and provides support for applications or inclusion in a babysitting file or provides comprehensive information about what to look out for when starting a career. Small checklists keep popping up that summarize what needs to be considered or what needs to be considered. For example, there are lists on the subject of applications, no-gos in dealing with customers and children, or ideas for joint activities and activities for the time with the babysitter children. She also takes up the questions and arrangements that need to be made for the care period.

In many short, easy-to-read and quick-to-find chapters, topics such as babysitting in hotels or abroad, at celebrations, trade fairs or dealing with Barbara's sick children are addressed. She also writes about what it can be like when the evening doesn't go according to plan.

On the last pages of the babysitting primer you will find some websites where you can register as a babysitter or, as a parent, find a babysitter suitable for you.

Win the babysitting primer

Is the topic interesting for you? Would you like to know more about this?

The babysitting primer can be bought in bookshops everywhere. You also have the opportunity to win 1 copy of the babysitting primer from us. Just leave a comment and tell us your funniest / weirdest / beautiful babysitting story or tell us why you could use the book.

The winner will be notified by email and will receive the book directly from Steffen Verlag by post.

You can take part until April 9th. The judges' decision is final.

Good luck!

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