How many characters are there in Naruto

Here you can find an overview of all Naruto characters:

Konoha Shinobi


The Hokage is the leader of the Konohagakure village and is respected by everyone in the village. He is also the strongest ninja and his tasks are to defend the village and to distribute missions to ninjas, as well as to make decisions that are important for the village. A Hokage's face is carved into a mountain so that he will always be remembered, even if he's long been dead. So far there have only been 5 Hokage. These would be:

Previous Hokage
Shinobi who could become the Hokage
  • Kakashi: Is one of the best and strongest ninjas in Konoha.
  • Naruto: Has set a goal and works hard for it.
  • Shikamaru: Has a good chance of becoming a Hokage with his mind.

Legendary sannin

The 3 Sannin are three extremely strong ninjas who were trained by the 3rd Hokage: Sandaime. These three ninjas are stronger than ordinary jounin. They got the name “Legendary Sannin” from Hanzou Salamander because they were the only survivors in the war against Ame.

The Sannin officially broke up after the death of the 3rd Hokage and before their fight.

The 3 sannins include:

Team 7

Team 7 was led by Kakashi but was disbanded after Sasukes and later after Naruto's exit. Later it was re-established in Naruto Shippuuden under the name Team Kakashi.

It consisted of:

Team Kakashi

Team 8

Team 8 is an excellent team because of Kiba's sense of smell, Shinos beetles and Hinatas Byakugan when someone or something needs to be found. It is under the direction of Kurenai and consists of:

Team 9

Team 9 was led by Gai. Everyone in this team is more specialized in Tai-Jutsu and therefore has great physical strength and stamina. Later in Naruto Shippuuden, it was renamed Team Gai. It consists of:

Team 10

Team 10 was led by Asuma Sarutobi. However, when everyone in Naruto Shippuden had the rank of Chu-Nin, the team was disbanded. After Asuma Sarutobi's death, it was re-established by Shikamaru Nara. It consists of:

Team Ebisu

Team Ebisu consists of:

Uchiha clan

Hyuuga clan

Inuzuka clan

Nara clan

Aburame clan

Yamanaka clan

Akimichi clan

other shinobi and residents


former Akatsuki subordinates

former Akatsuki members

Suna Shinobi


The Kazekage was is the leader of Sunagakure and the strongest ninja in the village. So far there have been 5. Kazekage:

Gaara's team

Other residents of Suna

Oto Shinobi

Sound trio

This team was founded by Orochimaru and took the Chunin exam. It can defeat its opponents with sound and sound.

Sound five

These were the 5th strongest ninjas from Orochimaru's village. They all have a mark of curse like Sasuke. Their leader was Kimimaro but after his illness Sasuke should take his place. They were all also considered possible bodies for Orochimaru, but since everyone died after the mission to bring Sasuke to Orochimaru, Orochimaru had to get another body.

Other residents of Oto

Kiri Shinobi

Zabuza's team

Zabuza's team only consisted of 2 people who were also refugees.

other residents of Kiri

Ame shinobi

Residents of Ame

Hoshi Shinobi

Resident of Hoshi

Other shinobi and people

  • Hanabi Hyuuga
  • Sharingan rulers