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Dispose of computers safely: erase or destroy hard drive?

The most important thing about disposing of your PC: What should you watch out for?

  • Before disposing of your computer, you should Securely delete data - completely. Take advantage of here software for overwriting the hard drive.
  • Even if you are to scrap the PC as a whole delete the data, because it is never certain whether the built-in parts might be removed and reused become.
  • If you want to dispose of your computer safely, this is the physical destruction of the hard drive to recommend.

Removing and destroying the PC hard drive: does it have to be?

Keep coming back sensitive data and photos in unauthorized handsbecause people do not dispose of their PC safely. The problem: Often those affected only push the files into the waste paper bin and empty it. However, the data is not securely deleted as a result, it is simply no longer easily retrievable. With the help of Recovery programs let the Identify codes again relatively easilythat map files.

If you want to dispose of your computer safely, you should therefore ensure that there is no data on the hard disk more restored can be. There are various possibilitiesto safely destroy the hard drive: Overwrite or the physical annihilation.

Before disposing of the PC, destroy all data!

Even if you have your computer scrapped: the data to be deleted beforehand should be the top priority to avoid the information on it falling into the wrong hands. You never know where it is Computer junk ultimately ends and whether or not it does individual parts be removed and recycled.

If you want to dispose of your computer safely, you should therefore use the Data on the hard drive do not just delete them via the trash, but overwrite. The code of the file is then freely selected with additional Code snippets overwritten. The original combination of characters in the file is ultimately like this greatly modifiedthat it can no longer be restored.

With modern hard drives, the simple overrideto securely erase the data on the PC before disposal. For older people, at least the File overwrite 7 times come into use.

If this path is not safe enough for you, you can of course also bring out harder guns and those that have been removed from the PC Shred the hard drive or otherwise safe to destroy to let.

Dispose of computers absolutely safely: Remove and destroy hard disk

Even if that Overwriting the hard disk usually prevents the files from being restored: The physical destruction the disk is often an even safer way. But even here you should make sure that you use the hard drive destroy properly. You can also use scientific methods small sections broken hard drives restore. It is therefore not enough to simply take the hard drive out of the case and break it.

Before disposing of a PC: How to destroy the hard drive correctly?

The ways are varied and are also suitable for private individuals to get rid of pent-up frustration. Physical violence of all kinds can clog the small disc inside the hard drive case. The own safety should be used when using Hammer, fire & Co. but not to be disregarded.

However, it would be very safe to resort to one suitable shredder. Most small office shredders may be able to cope with shredding files, but not with the complete destruction of an unruly hard drive. Here you can access the Services provided by providers fall back on that industrial shredders provide. These also work afterwards Privacy Policy and shred the hard drive in accordingly small particles.

Furthermore: Companies and service providersthat store personal data on hard drives, data carriers and computers not only have to be secure, but also data protection compliant to dispose. The Shredding This is usually the safest option to avoid the disc being reassembled, or at least in pieces can still be read.
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Dispose of computers safely: erase or destroy hard drive?
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