Why are birthday parties important

For most children, that is birthday more than just a day they start a new year of life. Because on your special day you alone are the focus. Most children enjoy this kind of attention very much. Therefore, educators should also give the birthday child a special feeling. In addition to a Birthday crown also birthday games or use special handicrafts.

Planning the birthday in kindergarten: consultation with parents is important

How exactly the birthday party goes varies from institution to institution. Themed birthdays are always a special highlight in kindergarten. Many daycare centers also develop their own birthday ritual, which takes place in honor of every birthday child.

The birthday ritual: From songs to the birthday cake

Birthday celebrations can consist of various activities, which of course are very special for every child once a year:

  • Eating the birthday cake together
  • Songs and dances
  • Special game promotion

Such a fixed custom on this feast day in kindergarten is not only fun for the children, but also gives them security. Not all boys and girls like to be in the middle of the action. If such kids do not know what is waiting for them on their birthday, this can even lead to fear. A regular process is therefore also important for celebrations.

Get your parents on board

For this reason, it makes sense to talk to the parents. Together with these you can have a Birthday ritual design that suits all children. In many institutions, for example, it is common practice for parents to prepare a culinary treat on a birthday. Make an agreement here as well: Do the parents prefer sweet or savory treats? With a larger group, the birthdays pile up quickly. There is then to everyone Appreciation day a birthday cake, that is not exactly beneficial for the healthy nutrition of the children.

A birthday calendar in the group room is useful so that all group members and the teachers keep an overview. One possibility is that Calendar as a year circle to design. A photo of the respective birthday child can then be glued to the appropriate place in these. Small drawings then divide the birthday calendar into the four seasons. This helps the children to orientate themselves in the kindergarten and birthday year. So everyone can see at a glance who will soon be celebrating their birthday.

Birthday meal: sweet or healthy?

The focus of most Birthday parties in kindergarten represents a common meal. This is prepared by the parents the day before and brought to the day care center on the day of the festival in the kindergarten. Depending on the size of the facility, it is also possible to prepare the menu the day before. Everyone who celebrates the next day is allowed to take part. The birthday child is given a place of honor at the birthday table. This can be set in scene with a balloon or streamers and candles.

Handling candy during the birthday party

Many educators often wonder how they should handle sweets and cakes as part of a birthday party. On the one hand, you don't want to spoil the kids' special day, on the other hand, a kindergarten should also support the children's healthy nutrition.

As is so often the case, a balance is ideal here: sweets should not be completely demonized and forbidden. It makes more sense to set some kind of upper limit for sweets. For example, each child is only allowed to eat two sweet snacks. So if you have already had a piece of cake, you will only get one more snack later.

Offering healthy alternatives on the birthday table

But doing without sweets does not always have to be perceived as such. Offer the group tasty, healthy alternatives - then the sweets will soon be of secondary importance. Motivate the parents to Vegetable sticks for the birthday party to snip. Together with delicious dips, finger food is a hit with many kids.

For children who are particularly shy about vegetables, just use a few little tricks. The healthy snacks can be arranged in funny shapes, for example. Make funny faces with carrots, cucumbers and the like so that the children prefer to grab the vegetables. If that alone does not work, the nutritious delicacies are given funny names that underline their effect. A carrot, for example, turns into Captain Super-Blick, as its ingredients are beneficial for good eyesight.

Birthday song: Celebrate the birthday child musically

Songs are simply part of a children's birthday party. Regardless of whether you have classic texts like "Happy birthday" or a more unusual birthday song - it is only important that the whole group sings for the birthday child. When exactly you sing is relatively flexible. If possible, it should be done in the morning circle at the beginning of the day care center, so that all group members congratulate them on their birthday right at the beginning of the day. Can an educator play the guitar? Then this person can accompany the singing on the instrument. The group can sing the following birthday songs:

  • Happy birthday to you
  • How wonderful that you were born
  • Your birthday is here
  • Your best day of the year
  • Come Dance With Me!

But other songs that were not actually composed as a birthday song are also suitable for the special day of the year. For example "Such a beautiful day (aviator song)". The children dance and sing to the song together and celebrate the birthday child. Alternatively, you can simply ask the child what their current favorite song is - the whole group then moves to the beat. A great gift just for the birthday child!

Birthday games: fun for the whole group

Almost all of them Kindergarten games are also in good hands at a birthday party. No matter whether round games or movement games - the main thing is that everyone is having fun. Of course, especially the birthday child should get their money's worth. Therefore, educators can also ask the guest of honor about their favorite game at this point. In honor of the birthday, the whole group then plays the wish game. If the child has no ideas, educators simply fall back on tried and tested classic games.

Blindman's Buff

The game "Blindman's Buff" has been ensuring a lot of fun at all kindergarten celebrations for a long time. The practical thing: Apart from a band to connect the eyes, you don't need any utensils. The birthday child can of course be the blind cow first. After you have blindfolded him, turn the child a few times in a circle so that he or she becomes disoriented. The other players spread out around the room and make the blind cow's attention by making noises. Whoever is trapped takes on the role of the blind cow.

Hitting the pot

Hitting the pot is another classic game. This game is particularly popular on birthdays, as a small present can be hidden under the pot. All you need is:

  • stew
  • a wooden spoon
  • a blindfold

The blindfolded child has to move around the room on all fours and feel or hit the area with the wooden spoon until it finds the pot. It relies on the help of its teammates. These call either "Cold!"if the child is moving in the wrong direction or "Warm!"when it's on the right track. When the child comes very close, everyone calls out "Hot!". As always, the birthday child can start.

Balloon games

If the kindergarten is decorated with balloons on the occasion of the birthday, these can be used for the next games. The first variant is called Balloon dance. The kids come together in pairs. The task is as follows: Hold the balloon between your forehead or stomach while the music is playing. Now dance together, but don't drop the balloon! If the balloon falls down a couple, they are eliminated for this round.

The second variant of the game is called Balloon volleyball. The children stand in a circle. Now the players have to try with their hands and feet to keep the balloon in the air. The educational specialist counts how many balloon contacts there are. If the balloon falls on the floor in the children's circle, the counting starts all over again.

Birthday handicrafts: the daycare center is getting creative

On the occasion of the special day, there are also numerous craft ideas. If the celebration has a certain motto, various creative actions are designed. But even if there is no motto, there are countless ideas for artistic design.

Make a birthday crown

This craft idea is of course only reserved for the birthday child. They can make a birthday crown according to their own wishes. It then wears these all day so that it really feels royal on its birthday. Just like other rituals, this should be the same for every birthday child.

The crown can be easily made out of colored cardboard. Of course, the child can decide for himself which color the headdress should have. It is important that the "Headgear" also fits. To do this, the educator simply measures the circumference of the head with a tape measure. Then draw a line of the appropriate length on the cardboard. So that the whole thing can be glued in the end, you should plan an extra centimeter on the right and left. Then the prongs come on the crown.

Depending on the age, the child can cut out the template alone or with the help of the adults. Now the creative part begins: the birthday child can design his headdress as colorful as he likes. Provide various pens and utensils such as glitter and gemstones. Then write the name and age on the birthday crown - and the royal accessory is ready.

Craft ideas for a big birthday party in the daycare center

Tinker balloon decoration

You don't always need real balloons for decoration. In just a few simple steps, these can also be tinkered with colored photo cardboard. This decoration is guaranteed not to lose air. In addition to the photo cardboard, you only need a pair of scissors and a craft knife as well as a string. It makes sense if you draw a stencil in advance so that the children do not have any difficulties making the balloons. If you paint an elongated oval in the upper area of ​​the balloon, this will later give it a more plastic look.

The group now cuts out the decorative objects in different colors. You or the kids can attach some string to the closure of the balloon to round off the look. If the balloons are supposed to float weightlessly in the room like their real role models, glue sewing thread to the upper end. The thread can then be attached to lamps, to the ceiling or to the window - and the daycare center shines in the brightly colored balloon glow.

Ignite a birthday rocket

The next idea should only be carried out by adults, because this is where fire is involved. Intrigue the group with how easy it is to get one Teabag turned into a birthday rocket. Empty it and place it upright on a non-flammable surface. If you now ignite the upper edge, the rocket takes off. The birthday child will certainly remember this great surprise for a long time.

Make sure that the group keeps enough distance. To ensure safety, it is always a good idea to provide a bowl of water when experimenting with fire. If the safety precautions are in place, nothing stands in the way of birthday fun, which is expressly only allowed to be admired in kindergarten.

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