Why do the Democrats support Antifa

All democratic parties reject the Antifa ban

The CDU / CSU, FDP, SPD, Greens and Left spoke today unanimously against the application of the AfD to ban the Antifa, which was introduced in the Bundestag. However, the arguments for rejecting the motion varied widely and revealed major differences of opinion between the political groups.

Marian Wendt (CDU) accused the AfD of being incredulous. According to the proposal, the party wants to lead a political fight against political extremism, but is itself an object of observation for the protection of the Constitution, said Wendt as the first speaker after the AfD’s proposal speech. "From my point of view, you cannot fight extremists if you are one yourself," he said to the AfD MPs. The CDU politician sees the responsibility for the "fight against the Antifa" in his own ranks and emphasized: "We as a grand coalition fight the Antifa just as hard as Islamist terrorists and of course the dangers from the right." the ranks of the coalition partner.

SPD colleague Uli Grötsch, on the other hand, emphasized that the Antifa did not even exist as an organization, as it was in the application. In reality, by Antifa, the AfD parliamentary group probably mean "everything that sits on their left in the house". He regrets that anti-fascist symbols and messages are often misused, but contradicted the previous speaker, Linda Teuteberg (FDP), and stated that all anti-fascists are, of course, democrats. Teuteberg had previously doubted this and stressed that the state must also use proportionate force against relevant left-wing extremists.

Martina Renner from the left-wing parliamentary group used her speaking time to thank anti-fascist groups for their commitment. The prohibition of the right-wing terrorist network "Combat 18" would not have existed without research by the anti-fascist portal "Exif", Renner noted. She referred to anti-fascist archives which, as "inconvenient chroniclers", collected information about the activities and networks of the extreme right. She also thanked anti-fascist magazines such as the Right Edge, which observed these structures "with perseverance, profound knowledge and voluntary commitment". She also named the association of those persecuted by the Nazi regime and the newly formed migrantifa groups as part of the anti-fascist movements that stand in the tradition of self-protection against right-wing attacks.

Green MP Manuela Grottmann compared the application of the AfD with pointing to people who get their feet dirty, "while you sink yourself in the brown mud". The motion is based on the false claim that anti-fascism is the same as violent left-wing extremism. However, this should not be romanticized or even equated with the Antifa, warned Grottmann.

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