What are the rules for drug trafficking

We create clear rules in drug policy instead of criminalizing

A black market for illegal drugs has emerged, where no rules apply and young people and children are not protected. This shows that the repressive drug policy has failed. Persecuting drug users ties up staff in the police and public prosecutor's offices. Personnel who are missing, for example, in solving break-ins or protection against terrorism.

Many of the health risks associated with illicit drug use, such as dangerous infectious diseases, contamination and overdoses, are actually the result of criminalization, not of the substance in question. Contaminated syringes that have been used repeatedly transmit infections. The active ingredient concentrations vary between five to 60 percent. Dealers mix all sorts of substances with drugs from glass to flour to lead to add crowd and make more money. A few years ago heroin was mixed with the anthrax virus. There are no controls on the black market. Internationally, the repressive drug policy has destabilized states such as Mexico and entire regions in Africa and South America and led to serious human rights violations.

Green drug policy is based on the three pillars of prevention, regulation and harm reduction. We rely on credible prevention and want to strengthen the responsibility of responsible adults. We protect children and young people effectively against drugs with our policies, and we aim to limit drug advertising. Anyone who irresponsibly sells drugs such as alcohol, cannabis or tobacco to children or young people must be punished.

We want to protect people's right to self-determination and reduce the health risks associated with excessive or health risk drug use. People who use drugs should no longer be criminalized. Psychoactive substances should be regulated according to their health risks. Ideology is out of place. The only decisive factor should be the health risks associated with regular consumption of these substances.

Addicts and other people with risky drug use need our help and acceptance. They should have good health care and effective treatment options available. Drug users must be able to be sure that their drugs are not contaminated.