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What is the status of Peter Quill after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?

We have no reliable way of telling.

Ego certainly claimed that the events at the end of the movie would mean that Peter was mostly human (and mortal and not luminous) by the end of the movie. Every action on the screen supports this - Peter cannot perform any of his ego-like actions until he has reached the ego (planet) and learned how to use the skills. During the class, he is told to reach for the core of the planet, which is also the core of ego. During the climax, the core of the planet is what

Groot destroyed.

When this happens and ego feels the effects, he is surely claiming that it will prevent Peter from using his abilities and indicates that it will make him "just like everyone else". There is also on-screen evidence to support this as we see the visual evidence of Peter's abilities waning.

Even so, Peter still has all of the genetics that enabled him to capitalize on those skills. He still has the ability, and we only have word from ego that there are no other compatible sources of power. The ego has every reason to lie in this case, as it is its last attempt to save its own life and advance (or at least save) its plan. We have no evidence that his words were a lie, but it's not impossible that he lied or was wrong.

Because of this it is not for sure, whether Peter is now just a pretty "normal" person.

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There is, of course, another way of what happened:

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I think "all of the genetics that allowed him to use these abilities" is key - for me he (intentionally or not) channeled the power of the Infinity Stone with his innate abilities in the same way that he channeled the power channeled the ego. The god-like abilities ego grants are gone, but he could still channel abilities from another source.


I suspect your answer is correct if for no other reason the authors want Quill to be a god in the future. However, as you say, we only have the word of ego that there is no other "light". There are a lot of Celestials in the comics, and it's entirely plausible that you would show up during the inevitable Thanos fight and strengthen Quill again.


@Necoras: Knowhere is actually the head of a long-dead heavenly one, so we know there are other 'little' gods out there.


I would agree with this answer, except that Peter Quill is supposedly a battery. It seems unlikely to me that it is both a battery and the source of its power, the brain.


@William It's unlikely, but we can clearly see that it's true. Perhaps it has the same potential as the ego, but no real way to use it properly, and that potential connection to the power that the ego uses is what the ego has tapped into.