How can I get more print jobs

Windows 10: How to delete print jobs in case of problems


If a print job cannot be deleted under Windows 10, this may disable the entire printer. Because newly created print jobs can be blocked by a stuck print job. We'll show you how to successfully empty the print queue.

  1. Delete a single print job
  2. Restart the printer
  3. Restart Windows service for the print queue

Anyone who likes to print a lot has probably already experienced the problem: whether due to a paper jam, transmission error, a print job created incorrectly by the software or for other reasons, a print job can get stuck in the print queue. If you want to delete this print job, this does not work for whatever reason.

Unfortunately, this is not much better under Windows 10 than under Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. With the following tips, you are guaranteed to get rid of the print job anyway. For the sake of completeness, we will first show you how you can generally delete a print job in Windows 10.

Delete a single print job

Restart the printer

If both the deletion of a single print job or the complete emptying of the print queue fails, you can help with a restart of the printer. Any faulty connection to the printer is then cut and the printer reconnected to the PC. During this resynchronization, the print queue is almost always emptied.

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