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PUBG: Cheats, Aimbots, Hacks - this is how you avoid a ban


There is a lot of cheating in multiplayer shooters. Cheaters hope for fame and a high place in a ranking. In Playerunknown's Battlegrounds there are also cheats, aimots and hacks. Can you use them safely in PUBG? We explain to you when a ban threatens.

  1. Use cheats and hacks in PUBG? This is our advice
  2. PUBG: This is how you can avoid a ban
  3. PUBG: This is how you can report cheaters
  4. Are mods allowed in PUBG?

The multiplayer shooter Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG for short) has been available as an early access game on Steam since the beginning of 2017. But already after a few months it becomes clear: There are also many cheaters in PUBG.

They use aimots to be able to shoot better or wallhacks to look through walls and see enemies earlier. In this way, cheaters gain an advantage over other players and destroy the fun of many fans.

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Use cheats and hacks in PUBG? This is our advice

Are cheats worthwhile in PUBG? Probably not. Developer Bluehole is specifically looking for cheaters in the game, reports the game magazine PC Gamer. Bluehole is really after cheating. "We pulled ourselves together to overthrow cheaters," says creative director Brendan Greene ("PlayerUnknown") fiercely. In the first three months, more than 25,000 users were fined with a ban ("Ban"). Bluehole also uses the anti-cheat technology "BattlEye" on the hunt for cheaters.

Shortly before the final release of PUBG, the development team on Steam confirms once again that they want to take action against cheaters. Bluehole not only wants to ban cheaters themselves, but also wants to take action against those people who create and distribute cheats. Bluehole is currently testing new methods to tackle cheaters.

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Netzwelt also advises you: stay away from cheats, aimbots and hacks. Otherwise you will be banned and will not be able to play the game for which you paid money. In addition, there is a real danger. If you are looking for cheats and hacks for PUBG, you will often find dubious-looking websites in the search engine that advertise downloads. If you are unlucky you will also catch malicious code and then your computer will also be full of malware. Just keep it simple and have fun with the game. Save yourself the cheating, save you the ban, save you Trojans and viruses.

PUBG: This is how you can avoid a ban

If you don't use cheats, you shouldn't be banned. But there are other reasons for which developer Bluehole could punish you with a ban. After all, there are rules of conduct that Bluehole formulates on the official website of the shooter and if you break them, you risk a temporary ban or even a permanent ban. The rules of conduct are:

  • Do not offend other players
  • Refrain from language that is too vulgar
  • Don't threaten other players
  • Do not annoy or stalk other players for no reason
  • Do not share your personal information with others
  • Do not get involved in illegal activities or offer them
  • Do not imitate other individuals
  • Refrain from "spam" of any kind
  • Do not use any cheats or advertise any cheats
  • Don't team up if the game mode doesn't allow you to
  • You are not allowed to kill team members in the game
  • Don't "Stream Snipe", it's considered a cheat
  • You are not allowed to use exploits, for example with bugs and glitches
  • You are not allowed to share your player account

As you can see, there are tons of ways that lead to a ban in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. You not only have to do without cheats, but also "improper" behavior.

PUBG: This is how you can report cheaters

Do you have a clean slate, but you are annoyed by other cheaters? Then you can report them to the developer. To do this, visit the official PUBG forum, open a new topic and, according to a community manager, enter the following things: the name of the cheater, evidence such as screenshots or videos, and the date and time of the alleged cheating.

Are mods allowed in PUBG?

With all the rules of conduct, you might be wondering whether you can even use mods in the game. May you! Bluehole even encourages you to mod on the PUBG official website. As a result, the developers provide you with all the official materials to creatively improve the gaming experience. However, we recommend that you only use official material for mods. In turn, Bluehole could classify specially created mod material such as textures as a kind of cheat. The first person perspective in PUBG is not a cheat, by the way.

You don't need any cheats. Just take a look at our beginner tips for PUBG. If you don't have the game yet, just read our short review of the Xbox One version.

All important information about PUBG

Tencent and PUBG Corp. have released Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Mobile for iOS and Android. In the free mobile game, the goal is to survive until there is only one player left in PUBG Mobile.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is a 2017 hit game

In August 2017 there were already six million sales. There are definitely more active players in PUBG than in the popular CS: GO.

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