Which increases the metabolism

Soluble fiber such as B. in psyllium husks are highly recommended for stimulating the metabolism.

For example, you take a spoonful of psyllium or psyllium husks on an empty stomach in the morning and drink two large glasses of water with it.

In the evening - at least one hour after the (light) dinner - you do the same thing again. If you add a spoonful of mineral earth (e.g. bentonite) to the flea seed, you increase the cleaning power of the flea seed and after a few days you can feel how the desire for unhealthy snacks is slowly decreasing.

The absence of these snacks, which usually contain a lot of sugar, salt or synthetic food additives, will also ease your metabolism and automatically stimulate more power.

Metabolism tip no. 6: Organic coconut oil

Organic coconut oil contains a very special type of fat, the so-called medium-chain triglycerides (MCT for medium-chain triglycerides). These fats are conveniently not stored as fat by the body.

They even lower the cholesterol level, promote the absorption of calcium and magnesium, provide the body with high-quality energy and thus decisively stimulate your metabolism.

MCT are also burned long before proteins, which was previously reserved for carbohydrates. MCT are found in very few oils in nature.

Coconut oil can be used wonderfully for frying and cooking, as it remains stable even in the heat and does not develop any harmful substances.

However, you should always choose - and not only to stimulate your metabolism - high-quality organic and cold-pressed coconut oil. Heavily heated and industrially treated oils would stress your organism and consequently would not be able to stimulate your metabolism.

If you integrate these six tips into your everyday life, you will already feel the first very positive effects of your successful metabolic stimulation after a few days. Have lots of fun with it!


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