How can I remember the French vocabulary

Expand French vocabulary

🎒 How do I freshen up my old school French?

Especially when it comes to Brush up on your dusty school French, we can advise you with a clear conscience to just try out our French language showers.

The Jicki method is perfect for refreshing what has been forgotten in a very short time and developing a good feeling for the language.

Just sit back and relax, listen and have a say. You will be surprised how quickly your French can be reactivated. Click here for the Audio sample.

🌴 How good does my French have to be so that I can communicate on vacation?

How good your French must be so that you can communicate on vacation always depends on what exactly your goal is.

As a French beginner With a vocabulary of 500 - 1,000 words, you can order something to eat, ask for directions and clarify simple things in the hotel or at the doctor. To Jicki's basic French course.

As an advanced French With a vocabulary of 1,000 - 2,500 words, you can have more in-depth conversations and get into conversation with the people on site more easily. As a result, you often discover places that “normal tourists” don't get to see on their vacation. To the French advanced course by Jicki.

🎯 How do I get good small talk in French?

Getting started is very important for good small talk:

You should speak clearly as you do this. At the beginning it is easiest if you start with a greeting and introduce yourself. How about: “Bonjour! Je m‘appelle Marie Foulard. Ravi de vous rencontrer. "

After greeting the other person, the question usually follows "Ça va?". In many situations, this question is a kind of greeting and is therefore usually positive "Ça va", "Bien" and "Très bien" answered.

A problem we all know during small talk conversations, are the uncomfortable pauses because nobody really knows what to say or ask. The classic among the small talk topics is the weather or the current season. Other ideas for topics for entertainment include planned weekend activities or work.

Another problem is that Spontaneity. You are not prepared for the topic and therefore you lack the right words. Don't go crazy and just try to paraphrase the missing word. That happens to everyone and it also loosens up the conversation a bit.

But if you want to have really good small talk in the future, here is our tip: Learning by doing. Find one for you Interlocutor and let's go! This way you can easily get feedback and it becomes easier for you to converse in French from time to time.

With Jicki you can practice speaking. In our lessons you have enough time to repeat the sentences. So you can memorize a few idioms in advance and work on your pronunciation at the same time.

🎓 Are there special French courses for advanced learners?

As your French gets better, you should ask yourself the following questions before choosing a language course: Do you primarily want to improve your pronunciation or expand your vocabulary? Do you lack grammar or is your listening comprehension not that good?

Most advanced French courses answer these questions.

Online French courses:
In almost all online French courses or apps for learn French there are also advanced courses. These have the advantage that they are cheap and available at all times. Online courses and apps make sense, especially for a higher level, as you usually no longer need as much explanation, but rather want to stay in the language and expand your vocabulary.

With the Jicki app for learning French you can also use intermediate times such as driving, cooking or train travel to study.

Language course in your city:
The language schools in your city also offer advanced French courses. Usually, a small test will be taken with you at the beginning of your lesson and then a decision will be made as to which course you will attend. The best thing to do is to inquire at the language school of your choice.