What is an M1903 Springfield rifle

Springfield M1903 with telescopic sight

Springfield M1903 with telescopic sight

Weapon type

Repeating rifle,

Sniper rifle

War party

The repeating rifle Springfield M1903 is a weapon from Day of Defeat.

Description: Day of Defeat [edit | Edit source]

The Allied sniper carries the Springfield M1903 in a version with a telescopic sight as the primary weapon. As with all repeating rifles in Day of Defeat, regardless of the part of the body hit, a single hit is fatal. As a sniper rifle, it is particularly suitable for medium and long distances and is still relatively precise even while moving. The weapon can be switched to zoom mode by right-clicking. The disadvantages include the long reload time, the repeating process, the small magazine and the large noise that the weapon makes when firing, so that you can quickly be targeted by enemy units. The Springfield M1903 is the only sniper rifle in the Day of Defeat series to have a simple crosshair, which makes aiming easier, especially for beginners.

Description: Day of Defeat: Source [edit | Edit source]

Like all sniper rifles in Day of Defeat: Source, the Springfield M1903 is not loaded via a strip, but with 5 cartridges individually. Otherwise, the function and area of ​​use as the primary weapon of the sniper of the US Army are identical to that from Day of Defeat.