What sells quickly on eBay

What Sells Particularly Well on Ebay Classifieds? 🥇

Ebay classifieds has become a very successful portal in recent years, on which used and new things can be sold very well.

The website is used by up to 30 million users every month. There are many portals similar to eBay classified ads. The "big brother" Ebay is the biggest alternative site. Many people prefer to shop on Ebay because they feel legally protected by the platform. But Ebay has two major disadvantages compared to Ebay classified ads:

  1. High sales fees: On Ebay you pay fees for the sale. Of course, that also has its price. Because because of the high sales fee, the products on Ebay are often more expensive. Scared off by the high sales fees, many people prefer to sell their things on Ebay classifieds.
  2. Shipping of products: Ebay classified ads are better suited for large items such as bicycles or household appliances that are reluctant to be sent by post. Often there is still the option of shipping. But certain items are preferred to be bought or sold locally. Of course, this also has the advantage for the buyer that he can look at the things again on site.

I have been an “Ebay classifieds power user” for several years. And I've already bought / sold everything there. From flower pots to bluetooth speakers or shoes - everything was included. I even found my apartment through it.

I learned that certain things sell better than on Ebay. In addition, I had partly put my things online both on Ebay and on Ebay classified ads. For example my snowboard. In the end, there were more interested parties in the classifieds, through which I ultimately sold it successfully.

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But not everything sells so well on the platform. You are probably wondering: But what sells well on Ebay classifieds? And how can I make money with it quickly? Here are 5 tips for you!

5 Things That Sell Well On Ebay Classifieds

1. Furniture

Solid wood furniture is always popular. They feel like they last forever, are timeless and fit in every apartment. The wood quality of old pieces is often better than what you would get in a furniture store.


I still had bedside tables made of solid wood from my grandparents in the attic. I have listed these on classifieds. They were in great demand. Because such high quality cherry wood can no longer be found in furniture stores these days. At least not at the price I put them on classifieds.

Another reason why Möbel m.M. Sell ​​classifieds well on Ebay: many furniture stores are located outside of the city. They can only be reached by car. Therefore, especially people in cities like to buy furniture on Ebay classifieds. Regardless of whether it is shelves, cupboards or tables. It's just a lot more convenient when you can buy everything a few streets away for a good price. I've also bought a lot of furniture in my own neighborhood.

If you have furniture standing around that is in good condition, then you can sell it on classifieds with no problem.

If you want to get more money out of the sale, then see if you can polish up the piece of furniture a bit. Sometimes a little sanding and repainting work wonders. The more work you put in, the more expensive you can sell it.

Ikea furniture is particularly good at getting rid of. I've already had very good experiences with it. Sometimes you can get rid of these at very high prices (approx. 2/3 of the purchase value). I think that's because people know and love Ikea furniture. In addition, Ikea branches are usually outside of the cities and delivery of the order is quite expensive.

Designer furniture can also be sold well on Ebay classifieds. But you get a significantly lower price for it. Because of course the customers are looking for bargains.

2. Electrical appliances

New and used electronic devices sell well anytime, anywhere. Cell phones are an example of this. Everyone has one and everyone gets broken at times. Supply and demand are correspondingly high.

Before you sell your electronic devices, however, always check that

  • everything still works as it should. If not, either try to fix it before selling it. Or list the damage in the ad
  • the device has been reset to the factory settings and all accounts have been deleted. Otherwise the buyer can later access your private data

There is also a high demand for things such as game consoles. It would be hard to believe, but even an old Gameboy still makes a lot of money. Sometimes even more than newer models.

3. Baby and children's items

Having children can quickly become expensive. Not every family can afford to always buy the latest things for the baby or child. As a result, there are many families searching for ways to save money on Ebay classifieds.

The demand here is correspondingly high. While children's clothing sells rather well on Ebay, things such as strollers, furniture for toddlers (cot, changing table) or child trailers for bicycles are perfect for selling them. Because they are all things that you only hold for a certain period of time.

4. Home appliances

Refrigerators, washing machines or dishwashers - these are all devices that are very expensive when buying a new one in a store. These devices last for years and are still in great demand when used. As a result, they often keep their value and sell well on Ebay classifieds. Why should you buy € 600 for a new washing machine when you can get the slightly older model for € 200?

As with electrical appliances, the same applies to household appliances - if you still have the invoice for the purchase or they even have a guarantee, then the value increases again significantly. Make sure to include this information in the ad.

5. Bicycles

Ebay Classified Ads is the perfect place to sell bikes. These are too big to sell yourself on Ebay. It is just too much of a hassle to mail them out.

If you have a bike to sell, clean it up before you post an ad for it. Check again that the gears and brakes are working. Because most potential buyers will do the same. And if it doesn't work, they'll want to renegotiate the price again.

So take the time to check everything again. It doesn't take a lot of time to catch up on something or to swap out little things. On the other hand, it can make a big difference in the selling price.


Once bought a retro racing bike on classifieds for 150 €. That was a great deal. I used this myself for a while. But then it just stood around. So I exchanged the coats, cleaned it up a bit, and later sold it for € 350.

You can see another bike that I sold on Ebay classifieds in the photo above.

Things that don't sell so well on Ebay classifieds

In my experience, shoes and clothes, for example, sell rather poorly. I think Ebay is much better for that. Because when it comes to these things, people are used to buying them directly with one click. But if they first have to wait for someone to answer a request, then the interest disappears immediately.

I didn't sell large oil murals well either. You have become a slow seller. Nobody clicked on the ads for months and I didn't receive a request despite the very low price. I got rid of the pictures at the flea market ...


You must have one of the five items listed above standing around at home. Take advantage of that and sell it. It doesn't take a lot of effort to sell your stuff. A few nice photos and a good description are enough. And your ad is online.

frequently asked Questions

What is not allowed to sell on Ebay classifieds?

On Ebay classifieds you are not allowed to sell some things such as drugs or articles with an age rating of 18 years and over. You can find an overview of all prohibited articles here.