A ball will move in weightlessness

Alexander Gerst pulls out a small ball when it appears on the screen in Berlin on September 4th. It is a time capsule that was created as part of a German aerospace project. The content: 8,000 wishes from children and young people for the future. The capsule is to be opened in 50 years, in the meantime it has traveled several thousand kilometers in space and will be brought by Gerst to the Bonn House of History after the mission. He has already read it himself and can reveal: It's about environmental protection, the avoidance of wars and humanity in general. Incidentally, he has also made his wishes and hopes to be there in 2068. Jasper, who designed and built the time capsule, asks the first question:How much manual skill does an astronaut need?This is an important thing for an astronaut. We have to be able to react intuitively to unforeseen situations. We also have to fix things and respond to experiments. That's why we do experiments. [pullquote] We humans are a bit ahead of robots. [/ pullquote] We work hand in hand and step in if something goes wrong. This will be especially important if we are further thrown out. If something breaks on the spaceship on the way to Mars, we need to know exactly how to fix it.Can you move around with swimming movements and will you get out of place if you have nowhere to hold on to? And can you briefly show us that?"We already asked ourselves the question on the space station. I'll try that for you." At 1:38:00 you can see Alexander floating through the station:Conclusion: Unfortunately it doesn't work. In fact, I've tried all of the swimming exercises and nothing helps.

Lilli asks her question using her voice computer

I would like to know your opinion on a certain theory: According to this, spaceships or space stations with a very large amount of energy could be rotated around their own axis so quickly that an artificial gravity could be generated by the force of flight. How likely do you think that is?This is a very good question. The engineers are currently dealing with this question. Up here on the space station we do research in weightlessness, here we don't want any gravitation at all. But if we then fly further out at some point - to the moon or to Mars or even further - you have to think about building a part of the spaceship where gravity prevails. So that we as humans can live in our familiar surroundings and the bones and muscles don't recede so quickly and we don't have to train as much as we do up here. Exploration doesn't start with getting on a spaceship; it starts with people who dare to think about the next step. [pullquote] You build the way into the future with your thoughts. [/ pullquote] Keep doing it! What do you do when space debris hits the ISS? We actually had a little hole last week. It was like a small metorid impact on the ship. Much is monitored by the earth. The space station can then evade. That is a danger that is still acute. We're figuring out how to get all this junk out of here. All the rubbish that we take up here, we take down again. What's your favorite food on the space station? I would not have believed the answer myself and you may not believe it yourself. In the beginning I missed things like pizza here. But then I noticed that all of a sudden I got the most green things like spinach, cauliflower, broccoli. I miss salad even more. We have a few vegetable items here. They are then dehydrated. [pullquote] When you fly into space, you suddenly feel like eating vegetables. [/ pullquote] What would you most like to do in space if you could do everything? I would build myself a spaceship with which I could whiz around our solar system. I would love to see the moon, Mars or Venus and fly through the rings of Saturn. Just go further. What else is there? [pullquote] You are the next generation. [/ pullquote] Perhaps there are already some of you who fly to other planets.Closing words from Astro AlexI think it's great that you think about the future. Knowing that you are the ones who will reopen the time capsule. I look forward to the day when it is granted to me. You will then ask yourself the following questions: Have we worked on these wishes? Did we give these dreams a chance? [pullquote] Our responsibility is to take care of our earth. [/ pullquote] And we can be satisfied when the answer is: “Yes, I've tried everything”.