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No more boredom in the office: These 10 websites are guaranteed to keep you entertained

Surely you know that: Nothing is going on in the office and you just don't know what else to do. This is where online entertainment comes in handy. We found 10 fun, crazy, and educational websites that will keep you bored quickly.

Where are you right now?

At GeoGuesser, you will be transported to some random location in Google Street View and then have to guess where you are. There are points depending on the accuracy of your estimate. After five laps you will see your overall ranking.

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Nonsensical, but funny

The Useless Web is a website that randomly takes you to another page. The landing pages may not always make sense, but they are entertaining. One click on "Please" - the journey can begin.

Lots of pictures and memes

Even if you may already be familiar with 9GAG, the site is still worth mentioning. There you will find a lot of funny, interesting and quirky pictures and GIFs.

Fun with the mouse pointer

On Pointer Pointer you will see some strange pictures that always point to your mouse pointer. It sounds unspectacular at first, but it's kind of funny. Give it a try.

Insights into the sales of large companies

You can find very informative statistics on the sales of the largest corporations in an interactive infographic from happier.co.uk. This website shows you how much sales the respective companies make per second.

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Virtual pop film

At knallfolie.de you can pop the bubbles of the popular packaging material on your computer. In real life, the whole thing is more fun, but as a nerve-saving alternative in the office, the site is always good.

List countries

Geography fans get their money's worth when listing countries from all over the world. The game is about naming as many nations as possible. However, you must use the English names.

Puzzle around the bet

At QuizUp you answer questions from various categories and compete against other games. However, you have to be fast: you get more points for a high speed.

Dialectal language trip

Burble translates a website of your choice into four German dialects: Swabian, Franconian, Saxon and Berlin. Enter the address of a page of your choice - the fun can begin.

Insane, crazy and strange

The site onlinewahn.de is a collection of games, activities and curiosities. There you can eagerly take guesswork, watch clips and try to read the endless story.

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