How do I choose the best online tutors

Tips for online tutors

You have decided to offer online tutoring, great! But what do you have to consider so that your first online tutoring is successful? We have put together a few tips for you so that you can present yourself optimally as an online tutor. These serve to show you the most important things about the preparation and the course of the online lesson.

Only a few differences to traditional tutoring

Online tutoring is not much different from the encounter during traditional tutoring. Accordingly, the same rules apply in front of the screen as for a normal lesson. The same preparations and the same demands on your work environment are required. The screen of your computer, your headset and your camera are therefore not a "hiding place", but allow face-to-face communication, as would occur in the real world between teacher and student. Also, don't forget that your students are your customers. Only those who are convinced of you will recommend you to others and rate you positively.

Online tutoring: the preparation process

Before you can start an online session, it is important to prepare well so that you feel comfortable during the class, present well and can always find your way around. In addition to the device, browser & accessories, the following points are also part of the preparation process:

1. Your environment is your workplace

First of all, it is crucial to choose a suitable place to work for the online session. It is best to find a quiet room in which you can give the lessons undisturbed. Teaching outdoors or in a park is not a good idea. Why? There is too much noise and the light is either blinding or too dark. In addition, the background can distract the student and a working internet connection may not always be available.

So please make sure that your workplace is tidy and that all sources of noise (e.g. radio, TV, etc.) have been removed. The background should be as plain as possible. Our recommendation: a pleasantly bright light source on the right or left side. Finally, please make sure that all the utensils required for the lesson (notepad, books, pens, etc.) are to hand.

2. Your appearance is your calling card

Your appearance is crucial so that you leave a professional impression from the first conversation with the student, but also continue to do so. It is therefore not suitable to teach lying in bed, sitting on the floor, neglected or half asleep. Why not? These working postures make a bad impression (the student sees everything!) And if there is no solid surface, this can lead to a shaky picture. You may also give insights into your private life that you would rather keep to yourself.

So make sure that you have a suitable workplace (e.g. office desk). A well-groomed appearance and proper clothing are also part of it. Of course, you don't have to be perfectly shaved or flawlessly made up, a little effort is enough: freshen up and put on suitable clothes.

Online tutoring: conduct during the online session

It is important that you listen first before you speak. The focus on the camera also allows you to make eye contact, which increases the trust between you and your student. To ensure that communication runs smoothly, you should make sure that you speak clearly and not too quickly. Patience, understanding and an open posture will make your student feel comfortable during the lesson. Don't forget that not everyone learns at the same pace. In addition, you should make sure that you always have your work material (pen, notepad, books, etc.) to hand.

It is not advisable to eat during the hour or to keep checking your cell phone. In principle, you should avoid any secondary employment that has nothing to do with online tutoring as far as possible. In addition, turning away from the camera or turning off the camera / microphone for no reason can lead to confusion for your student. You should also be careful not to walk around with the notebook or constantly change jobs.

If you follow these tips, nothing stands in the way of a successful tutoring lesson. I wish you success!