Who kills Magneto

How did Magneto successfully kill Sebastian Shaw?

Sebastian Shaw's strength is the ability energy absorb in almost any form, e.g. B. to remove the kinetic energy from a ball when it comes into contact with one's skin (no more kinetic energy in the ball means that one's skin is sufficient to stop it there is no force behind the object to continue speed add) or the radiation (pure form of energy) from a reactor.

Also note that there apparently is a limit to how much energy Shaw can absorb at any given time (a resistance, if you will, possibly measurable). Examples include Shaw's repeated actions to absorb electricity from the submarine's reactor and the time it takes to absorb the entire grenade explosion.

Magneto has the ability to control metal objects (like a coin) as if it were a telekineticist (with the restriction that it can only influence certain metals). In fact, Erik uses his power to exert just enough force on the coin to easily overcome the surface resistance of Shaw's skin / forehead and overcome the instantaneous capacity of Shaw's energy absorption, and then continues to apply that force even as Shaw releases it Energy gone. If there was any way to imagine what was happening, there was likely a tremendous amount of total energy exerted by Magneto and absorbed by Shaw, but by carefully keeping the force behind the movement of the coin at a level that he was continuous Could Produce Faster Than Shaw Erik was able to keep the coin in Shaw until he actually killed him, proving that while Shaw could absorb large amounts of energy, he wasn't actually able to, 5.67 grams Cupro to absorb. Nickel composite.