Why do the batteries of smartphones explode?

Why batteries explode and what you can do about it

Causes for the overheating of the exploding batteries

As already mentioned, cell phone batteries have to be manufactured in record time so that a manufacturer can keep up with its competitors. But the batteries not only have to be produced faster and faster, but also because of the desire for ever slimmer and more powerful smartphones, they have to become smaller, flatter and more powerful. Already little onesInaccuracies in production,but also theincorrect handling in usecan lead to malfunctions inside a battery. So far, the following causes for the exploding batteries have been identified:

Defective construction / electronics
A lot can go wrong with the construction and electronics of a battery, for example the battery can have too little space inside the smartphone, causing it to overheat. Or the insulation is not thick enough. The electronics control your battery, but must not put too much strain on it. In the event of a manufacturing error, however, that is exactly what could happen.

Physical impact
If your cell phone battery is damaged in a fall, this can, for example, result in a dent in the battery cell. This may destroy the internal structure of the battery and can lead to an exploding battery.

External and internal short circuit
A short circuit can be triggered by exposure to great heat, which in turn can lead to a thermal reaction. However, such heat exposure should not be possible under normal conditions. There are also various protective mechanisms that counteract such a case.

Fast loading
The faster a cell phone battery is charged, the more it is used. If the battery should show any defects due to production or your handling (such as a deep dent), fast charging can already be enough to trigger overheating.

Tips to prevent batteries from exploding

One thing must be said in advance, exploding batteries are one despite the accidents reportedvery rare matterand the risk of your battery overheating and causing a fire or explosion is far less than you think. Because it is completely normal for your smartphone to get hotter every now and then. The interaction of hardware functionality and power supply creates energy that is also exothermic from time to time. If this happens while charging or if you put a lot of stress on your device (for example, when playing a mobile phone game), the build-up of heat israther harmless. If you still want to minimize the risk of heat for your battery, we have a few tips here.

1. If you want to prevent batteries from exploding, try to avoid completely charging and discharging your smartphone, as both extremes put more stress on your battery than charging and discharging between 20% and 70% battery power.

2. Always charge your phone in an open area so that it gets enough air and does not overheat. This means that you shouldn't charge it under your pillow at night, for example, as this can overheat faster, which in the worst case can cause the battery to explode.

3. If you should drop the cell phone, check the battery for external damage. If the battery has dents, you should either replace it yourself or have it replaced, otherwise this damage can lead to an exploding battery.

4. If the smartphone does not necessarily have to be recharged very quickly because you are at home anyway, use a normal charger instead of a quick charger. A normal charger puts less stress on your battery.

5. The tip that goes without saying is the right care of your cell phone battery. If you want to know how to properly care for your battery, read our article "Errors and useful tips for battery care".