My dog ​​would protect me

Would my dog ​​protect me? Threatened by the forester

Contribution from Mouse tooth »Wed Aug 12, 2015, 2:51 pm


yesterday I got into conversation with a woman who had a pretty big and strong Labrador herd mix with her. Nice little animal, happy, but not really available.

She probably had a pretty violent encounter with a former forester who had seen that her dog was running cheerfully across the fields just before. Instead of talking to her in the normal way, he insulted her in the finest of ways, but that wasn't enough: he always followed her in his SUV, cut off her way back, and kept threatening to shoot the dog.

With us, two parallel farm roads lead to the forest - in between fields and at one point there is a beaten path where pedestrians come through. At some point she took this route when he couldn't keep up with his off-road vehicle. But then he drove around the outside, he's much faster, and then he stood in front of her again and pushed her further and further in the direction of the forest with the off-road vehicle. So it went on for several kilometers.

She was totally scared and her dog? Did NOTHING !! It is actually always said that dogs can sense whether someone is insecure, angry, afraid or self-confident. So the dog didn't seem to have felt anything, even though the forester yelled at her and cursed her all the time.

She then reported him and there were already other charges against him, his license was probably withdrawn.

I always ask myself: would my dog ​​protect me in such a situation? Or do only those who are specially trained for it really do that? Do only the insecure bite and growl?

I'm not someone who really wants to have a sharp dog by their side, but we definitely wanted a bigger dog too, so that it has a deterrent effect on some (who just don't mean it well). And if such a psychopath would threaten me, then I would like my dog ​​to bark, growl and, if necessary, bite, before someone like that knocks me over.

LG Gesa