How can I make jasmine flower tea

The idea of ​​mixing the jasmine tea yourself seems tempting. You could refine your favorite tea with a touch of jasmine or breathe new life into a layered tea.

But what aroma can you expect from dried jasmine flowers? Dried jasmine flowers from Fujian, the province from which the famous jasmine teas come from, were used for the experiment.

Jasmine tea made from jasmine flowers and Yunwu tea

The smell of the dried flowers is disappointing. The fresh jasmine scent is completely absent. Instead, a hard-to-define smell that you wouldn't associate with jasmine. The smell is more reminiscent of freshly painted paint.

But does the infusion offer more? Unfortunately, no ! For the test, 1g jasmine flowers were mixed with 5g green Yunwu tea. The first infusion with 300ml 85 ° hot water lasted 2 minutes. The tea was slightly automated in fact. But as expected from the smell. Not necessarily wall color, but rather a taste that is reminiscent of paper. In fact, this taste also occurs in jasmine tea, but there especially in the finish and night reverberation. What is completely missing is the superficial jasmine scent.

The following infusions do not need improvement. The aftertaste became rather weaker. If you crush the pulled jasmine flowers and smell them, no jasmine scent comes out. Here, too, the well-known color fragrance.

Bottom line: it doesn't work. It is certainly justified that the Chinese go to crazy lengths to make jasmine tea. Why should you mix the tea several times with fresh jasmine flowers when a few dried leaves would have a comparable effect?

You may get better results with natural jasmine extract, but we haven't tried that.

Tip: If the jasmine scent of Chinese jasmine tea is too strong, you can mix the very intense Dragon Pearls with other green tea, for example. Since the basic tea of ​​the dragon pearls is rather subtle, a mixture is possible without any problems.

Jasmine flowers the health?

In fairness it should be mentioned that the Chinese trader did not offer the jasmine flowers for flavoring tea. Rather, it should be used to make a health-promoting tea. The infusion is supposed to lower blood sugar, improve the immune system and support weight loss.

A quick search in Pubmed does not yield any usable hits. These are health statements that are not scientifically tenable. These statements may be based on traditional Chinese medicine.