Why should I choose mongo instead of mssql

MongoDB - the flexible and scalable NoSQL database

MongoDB is always an excellent choice if you want to implement web projects that are based on very large, unstructured amounts of data. Document-based work without being tied to a schema is predestined for many different data types that stored and processed quickly Need to become. The database system also enables horizontal, almost unlimited scaling, since the databases can be easily distributed over several servers without impairing functionality. In order to guarantee the security and availability of the data in the long term, MongoDB can also easily Copies of the database created and made available on various servers. The document-oriented database also shows its strengths when it comes to summarizing amounts of data from one or more sources.

The use of MongoDB is therefore recommended for all web projects that are characterized by the following properties:

  • Scalability: If your web project grows, the number of inquiries usually increases, which places correspondingly higher demands on the database.
  • Availability: You depend on your web application to be permanently available, even in the event of a server failure.
  • flexibility: Your project should be able to be dynamically adapted at any time.

With the distribution of the data on several servers, there is also a decisive difference between MongoDB and relational databases: After data has been stored in a MongoDB database, there is a short time window in which subsequent read accesses only receive the old database, which is called Eventual consistency (loosely translated: “ultimately consistent”). This consistency model comes among other things. in the MySQL fork MariaDB and has the advantage, for example, that database servers that are separated from the larger database cluster by network partitions are still used Allow write access from applications can.

You don't know which database model is the right one for your web project? You don't have to make a decision: a combination of different types is also possible - and can be the perfect solution for your requirements profile.