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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 (136 kW) [07] 40 tests

Suzuki GSX-R 1000 (136 kW) [07] in the test of the specialist magazines

    • Published: August 2011
    • Test details

    without final grade

    “Anyone who wants to pretzel with a modern super sports car on the circuit and country road will be well served with the rock-solid K7 or K8. Especially since the used price is affordable. This creates financial reserves for consumables and consumer goods that are needed on the racetrack. The fast Suzi is comparatively well suited for everyday life, despite her sporty orientation. "

  • 159 out of 200 points

    6th place out of 9

    “A repeat offender in terms of average. And one more thing in common with everyday life: The lousy brake is also noticeable here. Like the good windbreak. "

  • without final grade

    3 products in the test

    “Plus: high performance, three different driving modes, adjustable footrests, electronically controlled steering damper.
    Minus: ... heavy weight, sluggish handling, poor brakes. "

  • 667 out of 1000 points

    Price / performance: 2.4, "Winner engine", "Winner price-performance"

    4th place out of 9

    “Anyone who has no outstanding strengths and no significant weaknesses ends up where? In the midfield. At least if you take everyday matters into account. "

  • without final grade

    12 products in the test

    “Strengths: Extremely strong, stable engine with clean power output. Good chassis.
    Weaknesses: Sluggish handling, relatively blunt brakes. "

    Info: This product was tested again by PS - Das Sport-Motorrad Magazin in issue 1/2011 with the same rating.
  • without final grade

    2 products in the test

    “The big one for your own ego, appearing in front of the ice cream parlor, in city traffic or for a relaxed afternoon excursion, because the GSX-R 1000 does not cost much more than its little sister, but it has a brutal image and always with its casual use in the speed cellar easily swims with you. "

  • 15 out of 20 points

    3rd place out of 6

    “Bronze for the Gixxer. It's OK. With a better brake, more could easily have been possible - even aside from touring abuse. "

  • without final grade

    126 products put to the test

    “... The engine housing and frame have become shorter, but the rear swing arm has been lengthened. Curved rear silencers made of titanium and a less rugged cladding design also characterize the change from the outside. "

  • 288 out of 500 points

    4th place out of 4

    “Plus: Consumption relatively low; Pillion seat most bearable; Cladding offers proper wind protection.
    Minus: Power development a little too sharp for the Alps; Handiness neglected in favor of large stability reserves. "

  • without final grade

    2 products in the test

    “... No other motorcycle class offers lightweight construction and performance at this level. One of the big surprises for me is that something like this can also be combined with a really pleasant workplace like the one offered by Suzuki. ... "

  • 33 out of 40 points

    5th place out of 7

    “The Gixxer model year 2009 has lost the brutal charm of a K1 / K2 variant. But it is now almost foolproof and without any pitfalls to drive. "

  • without final grade

    3 products in the test

    “... The Thousands is for professionals. Anyone who wants to optimally implement their performance has to be tough. ... "

    • Published: May 2009
    • Test details

    without final grade

    “Plus: high-revving engine; Very powerful; Noticeably easier to handle than its predecessor; Even more snappy brake; Gentle effort ...
    Minus: Hardly any suspension comfort; Light only average; Not always optimally shiftable transmission. "

    Info: This product was tested again by 2Räder in issue 9/2009 with the same rating.
  • 18 out of 20 points

    Place 1 of 4

    “Successful premiere in a new shape and with new technology: after the PS win on the country road, now the queen of the racetrack. Now the world title! "

    • Published: April 2009
    • Test details

    without final grade

    “... In terms of drivability and control, the 2009 model beats its predecessor by far. Only the stiff shock absorber does not go down so well with lightweights. The good wind protection and the successful ergonomics are convincing. "

    Info: This product was retested by motorcyclists in issue 8/2009 with the same rating.

Customer review (1) about Suzuki GSX-R 1000 (136 kW) [07]

5.0 stars

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5.0 stars

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  • Gigantic

    • Advantages: good handling, good value for money, brakes, good fuel consumption
    • Suitable for: everyone who wants a sporty, dynamic and powerful scooter that lasts a long time, consumes little in comparison and offers top quality
    • I am: Sports

    Crazy, I got it three days ago, reeled 400 km over the weekend and was in the Harz Mountains, I haven't ridden anything better
    The only slight defect I noticed, light could be better, suspension a bit too hard despite my almost 90 kilos, but this can probably be adjusted,
    she drives "your ideal line" as if by itself

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Data sheet for Suzuki GSX-R 1000 (136 kW) [07]

Type Super athlete
Displacement 999 cc
rated capacity More than 100 kW
Top speed 295 km / h
Number of cylinders 4
SECTIONis missing
Weight with a full tank 208 kg

Further information on the subject of Suzuki GSX-R 1000 (136 kW) [07] can be found directly from the manufacturer at suzuki.de.

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