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We from the news magazine rth.info report on a voluntary basis Rescue helicopter, i.e. helicopters equipped and manned for emergency medical purposes in the Ambulance service can be used. Helicopters are valuable as life-saving appliances because they are fast, manoeuvrable and independent of the road network. They are also used for the urgent transfer of intensive care patients between clinics.

For air rescue there is a dense Location network - both of Rescue helicopters, as well as from Intensive care transport helicopters for the interhospital transfer (see our location map). The Locations are maintained by state and non-state operators. The ADAC air rescue provides most of the civil rescue helicopters in Germany. The DRF air rescue also operates a particularly large number of air rescue centers in Germany. Her predecessor was that German Air Rescue Association - until the change of name and legal form (2008). Other important operators, including the Federal Ministry of the Interior with his civil defense helicopters, we present here.

Helicopters supplement the rescue service on the ground in medical emergencies. They are not intended to replace the ground rescue service, as rescue helicopters are not all-weather capable. Air rescuers distinguish several Types of use. The most important are primary emergency response in one place and secondary Patient transport from one clinic to another. In air rescue comes complex emergency medical technology used, which covers, among other things, anesthesia, surgery, internal medicine and pediatrics.

"Helicopter Emergency Medical Services", in short HEMS, is the English name for Air ambulance service. The assistant of the Emergency doctor is therefore called HEMS TC or HEMS Crew Member designated. Numerous Pilots earn a living in air rescue - a dream job for many fans. The operators require many flying hours and experience.

The currently most important European Helicopter manufacturer is Airbus Helicopters with its models H135, H145, and others. The American Helicopter manufacturerBell has with the models Bell 212, Bell 222, Bell 412, which helped shape air rescue, but has lost market share to Airbus Helicopters since around 2010. You can find descriptions of other helicopter manufacturers in our type texts.

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