Which French impressionist worked as a stockbroker

Paul Gauguin - His Life

The French painter Henri Eugène Paul Gauguin was born in Paris in 1848. When he was three years old, his father lost his job as a journalist and the family moved to live with relatives in Peru. The father dies shortly after the end of the long journey. Gauguin's mother is a writer and they lived together in Peru for four years. The family goes back to France and from now on Paul Gauguin attends a boarding school.

When Gauguin was twenty years old, his mother died. He served in the navy for several years at sea. After the end of his service, he works as a stockbroker. Gauguin began painting in 1873. In the same year he married the Danish Mette-Sophie Gad. With her he had his first of four children a year later.

Paul Gauguin met the Impressionists in Paris. He was inspired by them and trained in painting. From 1880 he managed to make a name for himself as a painter and in 1883 he opened his own studio. He lives exclusively from his painting. At first he had great difficulties earning his living with it and for financial reasons he moved away from Paris with his family. For Gauguin, this was followed by a difficult time with financial and family grief.

A few years later he met the artist Emil Bernad. For him this was his departure from impressionism. Together with Bernad he formulates a kind of philosophy that is known under the term "Synthetism". He travels to England and other countries before returning to Paris, but without his family.