Does a fat burner affect the liver

These foods strengthen your liver

No life without a liver: Your liver health is critical to your quality of life. Your body's detoxification factory does a lot every day, but we keep stressing it - with alcohol and nicotine, with sugar and medication.

In addition to detoxifying, the liver is also indispensable for other metabolic functions, for example for the production of bile, which is needed to break down fat and protein, and for the absorption of nutrients. How can you consciously do something good for your liver? These foods help.

  1. Helpful for liver health: grapefruit. With plenty of antioxidants, grapefruits fuel the liver cleansing and thus help regeneration and improved liver function.
  2. Garlic promotes detoxification. Allicin, selenium and sulfur compounds are among the active ingredients that make garlic a friend of the liver. Garlic activates liver enzymes and thus promotes the detoxification process.
  3. Green tea eliminates fat in the liver. The liver is closely interwoven with fat metabolism and can itself become too fat. With its antioxidants, green tea helps to combat, dissolve and excrete these fat deposits. This is good for liver health and also helpful when trying to lose weight.
  4. With lenses against ammonia. Lentils improve liver health with their active ingredient arginine, which in particular promotes the excretion of the toxin ammonia and thus protects brain function and fitness.
  5. Cabbage promotes liver health. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage and all other members of the cruciferous family have an intensive cleansing effect and are able to neutralize toxins. Although smokers cannot completely compensate for the harmful effects of their vice by enjoying plenty of cabbage, they at least excrete more harmful nitrosamines.
  6. Clean the tomatoes. Thanks to their high water content and the tripeptide glutathione, tomatoes have a detoxifying effect and thus support the work of the liver.
  7. Lemon juice in the morning for liver health.Lemons contain a lot of vitamin C and whoever drinks hot lemon juice first thing in the morning stimulates the biliary function and intestinal activity.
  8. Avocado protects the liver. A liver can always recover. It is even better if you support them. Avocados protect the liver from toxins and help it regenerate.
  9. Leafy vegetables neutralize heavy metals. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and arugula are part of a healthy diet, not least in the interests of your liver health. They stimulate the production of bile and help neutralize heavy metals and filter out traces of herbicides and pesticides.
  10. Detox with turmeric. The yellow spice turmeric or the freshly peeled root, which can be grated in many dishes, has a supporting effect in the detoxification process and is even supposed to protect us against many types of cancer.
  11. Beetroot ensures liver health. Like a vacuum cleaner, beetroot can filter heavy metals out of the blood and detoxify the body. For your liver health, you should add beetroot to your salad as often as possible.

(Source: Cover Media)