Why metalheads don't like other music

Metal and prejudice

What do you think of when you hear the term (Heavy) Metal? Isn't that just noise and no music at all and besides, the people are all neglected?

That's not true at all and unfortunately many people have so many prejudices about this style of music that they don't even bother with it. That's why I've picked out a few of the most common prejudices to show you whether there's really something behind them.


"It all sounds the same anyway, they're just screaming!"

In fact, the range of styles in metal is immense. The spectrum ranges from orchestral metal to power Metal to death metal and metalcore, from simple and driving song structures to extremely complex rhythms, from guttural singing / growl to operatic singing techniques. With such a selection it is of course clear that not everyone likes everything, but I dare to say that anyone who listens a little and “browses” will find a band for themselves.

"Metalheads are totally violent when they listen to such brutal music!"

The opposite is the case. It has been proven that metal makes peaceful. If someone has aggression, they can get excited by the music. The result can be seen at major festivals, such as the Wacken Open Air, the largest metal festival in the world, with around 75,000 visitors annually. There is very little to no violence, people are like one big family there, listening to music together and having a leisurely beer.

"Metalheads are neglected and unhygienic!"

The question arises here, why metalheads should be more unsanitary than other people. Just because many of them have long hair doesn't mean they don't know how to look after them. Probably only the people who come out of the mud after five days of Wacken open air are unclean. But really!

“What are women doing in metal? Metal is a man's business! "

The vast majority of people in (especially extreme) metal are men. In the past, women were a bigger topic in metal and today there are many more people active in this area, but discriminatory comments cannot be avoided: "Women's voices are much too delicate and they can't sing gutturally like men." You only have to make a comparison to see that this is complete nonsense.

To avoid possible acceptance problems, the Swedish band Arch Enemy used a trick when they replaced their former singer Johan Liiva with a woman for the first time in 2001, the German singer Angela Gossow. She released her new album with Angela without revealing that it was sung by a woman (especially with guttural singing, it's sometimes difficult to tell apart). The people liked the new music incredibly well, they speculated which singer it was, and when it came out that the supposed singer was a woman, nobody could say anything against it.

Of course all tastes are different and nobody is forced to like metal. I just hope that maybe this gave you a better idea of ​​what Metal really means.

Maylis / Ecole européenne de Munich