How do you make a dice


I finally managed to prepare a few wedding memories and turned a few pictures into a photo cube. I think a photo cube is such a nice idea whether as a gift or as your own memento ...

It's such a thing with wedding memories ... after all the hustle and bustle of the wedding, you get the pictures and are really happy at first. The pictures are beautiful and are first sent around, then you print out a few and send them with thank you cards ... and then you make yourself a book ... sometime ... if you have time ... or finally print a large picture for the wall in the Hallway ... or the living room chest of drawers.

So that you can get the pictures in your hand a little more often, in the truest sense of the word, I thought of something else and stuck the pictures on a photo cube. The cube can be folded down infinitely and is a welcome distraction and decoration on every desk. So you have it in your hand every now and then, play around with it, and remember that beautiful day.

Making the cube is not difficult at all. The 8 wooden cubes are connected with adhesive strips and it almost automatically emerges on which surfaces the pictures are to be attached afterwards. Once you have glued the cubes together according to the instructions, you only have to choose a few nice pictures. I printed out the pictures on photo paper to get a correspondingly chic look.


For the photo cube, you need the following materials.

A wooden dice game is also a wonderful gift idea for friends and does not necessarily have to be covered with wedding memories. Looking back at the most beautiful moments in recent years is also a wonderful idea for a memory cube.

Prepare cubes - For a photo cube you need 8 cubes. You start by gluing the wooden cubes together in groups of 2 with a piece of masking tape. Simply place 2 cubes next to each other and glue one side together, fold this side down and fix the same edge from the other side again so that the cubes are connected to each other on both sides. We do that with all 4 pairs of two.

Place cube - All 8 cubes are placed flat next to each other in their groups of 2. For the two outer ones the tape points upwards, for the two inner ones outwards.

Turn the cube and fix it at the back - The cubes are now fixed again on the back. To do this, take all the cubes together and turn them around. The two pairs lying next to each other are now connected to each other on the back with a piece of tape.

Fix the sides of the photo cube - As the last step, the sides are now fixed by folding up the two cubes on the right and left and connecting the cubes on the side from top to bottom.

Glue pictures - Glue on pictures with the UHU glue stick. We start with the 2x2 area that is on top after putting the cubes together.

The cubes are 3cm wide, so the pictures can be printed out in the right size. You need 4 pictures of 8x4cm and 4 pictures of 4x4 cm. If in doubt, just print a bit larger and put on the cubes, mark them and cut them out.


Gradually unfold the cube and add pictures - Unfold the cube to the right and left and add a picture to the areas of the 2x4 cubes. If you move forward little by little and fold the cube further and further, it automatically results which surfaces have to be covered. It is best to cut the pictures beforehand so that the tapes that connect the cubes are not cut.

Stick on the sides - Gradually paint all sides of the cube with UHU glue stick and apply the prepared pictures.

Have you prepared your wedding memories nicely? I like the idea of ​​the cube that keeps falling into your hands. As a desk decoration, it is not kitschy and simply a somewhat different souvenir.

This article was created in collaboration with UHU.