What is Ichigo's fatal mistake

Swimming is not just a sport

Hello dear readers!

I want to mention in advance that I do the anime Free haven't seen yet and just read the character traits of the respective known characters. I mainly get out Harukas Write point of view and it will mainly just be Haruka, Rin, Makoto, Nagisa and Rei occurrence. These Ff will not coincide with the events in the anime. I apologize in advance if there is something wrong with the behavior of the characters.

Have fun while reading!

H = Haru
M = Makoto
N = Nagisa
Ri = Rin
Re = Rei

N: “Today we have to train a lot if we want to win! The next national championship is soon! "

Ri: “Nagisa now come back down that we can do it with our left hand. Except Haru gives up everything again. "

M: “Rin stop teasing him. We train together then we can all do it. And remember we should have fun with it and not just swim for victories. "

Ri: “Yeah, we know Makoto. You really never want to risk anything. "

M, Re, N: "Rin!"

Ri: “It's okay. You're really like my sister. Now let's train. "

Haru doesn't have to be told twice and already jumps into the water with an elegant head. Until now he has no idea what to expect.

Haru View:

They can really only chat. Rin annoys me anyway but somehow he's right. If I lose again I give up swimming ...

I concentrate on the water and my movements. The feeling of simply gliding through the water, the slight pulling of the skin when the water pulls past you, the small waves that dance on the surface of the water, you just feel much freer. Like a fish in the water that enjoys its freedom and is not afraid of being eaten. I completely ignore the chlorine which burns easily on my skin. I block out any disturbing noises and images and concentrate on the cold water.

After several laps, I take a break at the edge of the pool and wait for my friends. In doing so, I closely observe the swimming style of the others. Nagisa wasn't so wrong then. He assigned us animals. Rin the shark, Rei the butterfly, Makoto the killer whale, Nagisa the penguin and I a dolphin. But something else gets my attention. A girl, I guess only a few years younger than me, practiced diving on the 5 meter platform. It was different from ordinary diving, it was almost artistic. Every time it hits the perfect angle into the water with such elegance as if it were a feather sliding into the water. But she is always dissatisfied with her result.

Ri: "Tell me where are you staring dolphin?"

I just give a derogatory grumble from myself. Rin can be really annoying.

N: “I've never seen the girl here before. But she can dive really well. "

Ri: "Aha that girl is staring at Haru? ~"

Re: "Rin now finally leave him alone."

Ri: "Rei, you're a joke."

Actually, I don't even listen anymore. But Nagisa is right the girl is really great at diving ...

After the short break, everyone practices their swimming style and endurance swimming for up to three hours. But this time I can't hide everything. The girl from before swims two lanes next to me, but with such elegance that I can't turn away. She glides swiftly but smoothly through the water and uses a swimming style similar to mine. Like a little mermaid or as if she was already partly water herself. She doesn't let anything take her freedom and radiates inner calm. I can only turn away after a while, but my absence was a fatal mistake. Because right in front of me is the pool wall.

Brake Haru.

Brake Haru !!


A dull sound that is muffled by the water. Damn it is gonna be a big bump. I want to dive back up but suddenly my view is taken away as if someone had switched off the light. In addition, my body goes limp and pulls me down. I try in vain to get back up I need air. The chlorine is already burning in my throat and every second I will be breathless. Damn people help me !!