How are columns wrapped in Excel

Breaking of text in a cell

If you want the text in a cell to appear on multiple lines, you can format the cell to automatically wrap text, or you can manually enter a line break.


Automatic text wrapping

  • On a worksheet, select the cells that you want to format.
  • Click the tab begin in the group Alignment on new line.


  • The data in the cell is automatically wrapped according to the column width. If you change the column width, the line breaks are automatically adjusted.
  • If the wrapped text is not fully visible, it may be because the line is set at a certain height.

    How to adjust the row height

    • Select the cell or range for which you want to adjust the row height.
    • Click the tab begin in the group Cells on format.

    • Run under Cell size do one of the following:

      • click on Automatically adjust row heightto automatically adjust the row height.
      • click on Row height, and then type the row height you want in the box Row height to specify a row height.


Enter a line break

  • To start a new line of text in a specific location in a cell, double-click the cell, click where you want to break the line in the cell, and then press ALT + ENTER.