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PI exclusive: The organization of doom

In the past, many citizens have asked themselves again and again what it looks like in practical terms when a people's own demise is decreed. A letter from the Ministry of the Interior from Minister Dr. Thomas de Maizière, which was sent to the other federal ministers on August 17, 2015. The full length of the document has now been sent to PI. With regard to asylum seekers, it is not surprising that, due to the “escalating development”, the previous “efforts” are described as inadequate.

Personnel will be withdrawn from other ministries

The letter also shows the extent to which the authority is significantly increasing its staffing levels at the expense of the taxpayer. There it says:

"... the BAMF is setting up four new decision-making centers [..] each with 50 upper-level employees".

In this context, the Ministry of the Interior asks to be able to withdraw employees from other ministries by October 1st. Should one comply with what is to be assumed - this will inevitably lead to gaps in the staffing levels of other ministries. Initially, the "secondment" of employees from foreign ministries is allegedly only planned for a period of six months. Since all forecasts assume that the number of “refugees” will continue to rise, this announcement can and must be called a lie. Personnel “need for support” is also registered from the middle service - for IT infrastructure and property management.

New employees are allowed to issue approving notices immediately, rejections only if necessary

The description of the tasks for the "new" employees is also interesting. There it says that the officials are allowed to create the "granting of refugee status according to § 3 AsylVfG". The creation of negative notices only “later” and that only “possibly” and that in turn only in “simple cases”. The necessary knowledge should be conveyed in an "intensive training". Under these circumstances, no one should be surprised if the recognition rate will increase immediately.

Various additional costs due to employee relocation

The employees who will then work at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), which is subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior, can claim expense allowances at taxpayers' charges if the change results in additional financial burdens for the employee. Furthermore, separation allowance, travel allowance, additional meal expenses.

Activation of retirement officials

Civil servants are to be brought out of retirement and public servants who are about to retire are to postpone their retirement for up to three years. Also, former collective bargaining employees (pensioners) are now to work for the BAMF.

»Here is the original document as a PDF file