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This year's theme of the Vienna City Association of the MKV is religious instruction. The Vienna City Association of the MKV publishes a brochure on this topic

Vienna (OTS) - He advocates clearly denominational religious instruction within the meaning of the Concordat. The justification of religious school events as part of lived positive religious freedom is also addressed. At the same time, he welcomes a substitute "Ethics" lesson for those students who cannot or do not want to take part in denominational religious education. For this group of students it is a meaningful obligation, because it is helpful for shaping their lives.

It cannot be seen that one can say goodbye without substitution to the very subject that promotes the ethical and moral competence that is becoming more and more important for our society. The students without religious denomination or their parents must of course continue to have the freedom to choose freely between the two offers. Many will prefer religious education with its clearly defined content and open messages.

For both subjects, which are to be seen less in competition but as a constructive addition, a "religious-ethical-philosophical" educational area should also be provided in the new curriculum concept for lower secondary level. Especially in our society, which needs a solid common ethical-religious foundation to survive, nobody could understand that there is an educational area of ​​"creativity and design" and "health and exercise", but for the most fundamental, because meaningful and value-conveying area there should be no place for ethics, religion and philosophy. What has shaped and distinguished us Austrians through centuries, deep and genuine religiosity, ethical responsibility beyond our borders and a proud philosophical tradition would be pushed aside here with a trick that is truly not bold. It would be a shame and no person responsible for education in this country can stand idly by without saying a word.

The closing event will take place on June 30th in the Christian club house in Vienna 8, Laudong. 16 a discussion on the topic took place. The Archbishop of Vienna, DDr. Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, the President of the Vienna City School Council, Dr. Kurt Scholz, the Abg. z. NR Dr. Volker Kier, LIF, as well as the education spokesman of the ÖVP Vienna Prof. Walter Strobl. Start of the event at 5 p.m.



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