Are diss tracks considered bullying?

Endangerment of the child and cyberbullying: Pewdiepie video deleted from Youtube

As one of the largest Youtubers worldwide, Felix "Pewdiepie" Kjellberg is probably known to most of the users of the video platform. Among other things, perhaps because the Swedish internet star has repeatedly come under criticism for his contributions in the past. In the case of a video that appeared in mid-February, the platform was therefore apparently forced to delete it. The reason for this: As part of a diss track against the children's channel Cocomelon, he is said to have violated the rules against cyberbullying and child safety.

In the course of the post, Kjellberg allegedly not only attacked the channel itself, but also vulgarly made fun of the children who watch its videos. This is problematic because such content is forbidden if there are children in the videos - which was the case here. In addition, towards the end of the video, Pewdiepie gave several children plastic weapons in order to have them attack a melon, reports "The Verge".

Child welfare and harassment

On Twitter, the platform makes it clear that the deletion was carried out for two reasons. Although the video looks like it was made for children, the content is inappropriate for this. In addition, the line between criticism and harassment was clearly crossed.

The reason for the diss track was apparently the rapid growth of Cocomelon. After the channel had more than 100 million followers at the end of last year, Kjellberg announced the said video on February 8th. It was published a week later - and removed again shortly afterwards. "I saw that as the final," commented Kjellberg in a video released on Wednesday. He doesn't want to deal with the subject any more because it's no longer funny. Cocomelon doesn't really interest him at all.

The feud with T-Series

The fact that Pewdiepie engages in online - sometimes joking - fights with other Youtube greats is nothing new in itself. Best known in this regard is his feud with the Indian Bollywood studio T-Series. In 2018 he therefore published a diss track entitled "Bitch Lasagna" after the apparent competition from India overtook him in terms of subscribers. (mick, February 19, 2021)