Premium gas makes a difference

Our new 4.9kg premium ALU-BBQ-GAS bottle makes grilling much easier with 8kg grill gas!

This black 8kg gas bottle is specially designed for Gas grills has been developed. The bulbous design offers an ideal ratio between size and gas volume. The new Premium BBQ GAS bottle has the diameter of an 11kg gas bottle and the height of a 5kg gas bottle - perfect for almost any grill base. Pay attention to the "bottle-in" function of your grill. The stylish gas bottle can even be seen next to the grill.

The Metal protective collar offers reliable protection against damage to the valve. In addition to the elegant paintwork, the entire bottle body is fully galvanized. This prevents rust stains and corrosion on the bottle body.

In the Premium BBQ GAS Bottle is a Property bottle (also as Buy bottle known). That means you can use the bottle with anyone Premium barbecue exchange partner buy or trade. Or have it filled at any known filling station.

The distribution of the bottle takes place over Grill dealer and Propane dealer instead of. The recommended retail price for the premium grill accessory product Premium BBQ-GAS is 49.95 euros including statutory VAT.

As an end user, you can find yours using the dealer search Exchange partner or Premium barbecue dealer near you.

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